Next thread about Albion Online

While I appreciate that you responded, the reply was kinda off base in relation to the overall picture I was posting about. It seems like you just vaguely skimmed it for 2-5 seconds, brain snatching a couple keywords as your eyes moved over it, and then having a somewhat <— (somewhat, before everyone flips out) “git gud scrub” type of response to those keywords, which doesn’t completely relate to what I was saying lol. I feel like you made the assumption (probably from skimming) that we were roaming around as flagged PvPers looking for kills in red zones and then crying if we died, which isn’t at all the scenario of my post or what I was really asking advice/fielding thoughts on. Either I didn’t word it properly and it gave you the wrong impression (very possible), or there was a misunderstanding that caused an “Idk, too many words, crying and git gud scrub or something idk. If you can’t handle shit, craft or leave. Next thread.” kind of response. I’m not attacking you here, just needed to get Cheap Albion Online Gold. it someone else comes into the thread and just scrolls down to the post before reading mine and goes “Oh, a crying post. Next.”, when that’s not what it is at all.

That said, you still did give me some usable feedback and I appreciate it! It was on-topic enough that I look like a dick for my above response , I just felt like something was kinda missed is all.

I’m not entirely sure either, that’s why I’m here lol, I’m just fielding thoughts and seeing if anyone has any advice on what direction I/we should take here. I’m gonna edit or even delete my first reply to Coldfear because it came off in a defensive light that I didn’t really intend, but yeah.

Anyway, just because they’re not on the mic doesn’t mean they have to be mindless zombies. I mean, I get how mics help in certain situations, but in my experience over the years, the vast majority of the time, it’s just a mess. Most of the time it’s either what I was saying. Either way, I don’t find it fun in any fashion. I don’t know how anyone does lol, but to each his own. My view on it generally is, at the end of the day, you know what to do, and you’ll either succeed or fail at it, and mic panic/order spazzing/chipmunk giggling doesn’t change the outcome. You either make plays or you don’t; the mic being on or off doesn’t change that. Again, that’s just my view. I’m not saying I don’t like being grouped to Buy Albion Online Gold with people either, I’m just saying I don’t enjoy having to entertain 15 other people on the mic and listen to them try to entertain everyone else. I don’t need mic entertainment, I’m already playing a game, I already am entertained. Love typing! I’ll do that all day in game; it doesn’t require my constant attention. Anyway, this is all beside the point lol.

I’m not saying 100% that I’m gonna make a guild either or anything, it was just an idea tossed around
. Maybe I’ll even join one, if there are any that don’t require you to be in discord/vent/etc.

Regardless, yeah, I’m just trying to get ideas on what everyone thinks might be a good direction to take from here given my/our current situation. Thanks again in advance!

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