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POE: enough people don’t like PT to troll the heck out of this sadly

I sincerely hope this attracts a sizeable following and I commend the OP and ProjectPT for their efforts. However, even though I play exclusively SSF, I’m not sure I’ll participate in this league, as I’ve come to find temporary leagues quite tedious, the whole ‘starting fresh’ thing may be interesting to the trading community but I don’t find it offers much for SSF.

On a serious note best of luck with the SSF thing, I don’t want to participate and probably won’t ever as SSF isn’t really for me. But I would like to see some more success/headway for those in the community that do want it.

Enough people don’t like PT to troll the heck out of this sadly. Honor on the internet? Do people ever check these forums or glance at AIDSit? I hope I’m completely wrong because nice initiatives should be rewarded.

Never thought the new account was a requirement, just felt like it would be refreshing to start really clean through the POE ORBS For Sale. Forget about 48 premium stash tabs plus one for currency, I’ll be working with four. And since I was making the account specifically for SSF, I figured why not throw a cute name on there while I’m at it.

while i pretty much DO play self found i wont be condoning SSF “league”. why? simply because i still do actually sell off unecessary unique items. which in turn gives me currency to alter items that i have. since, like i said, i do play pretty much self found i dont really have a lot of currency usually so doing this is about the only way to really get anything (crafting rares and using masters).

He’s saying that you don’t need to make a new account with a SSF_ prefix. You can use your existing account and make a character within it using the SSF_ prefix.Of course, if you are in the HC version, you’ll need to make a new account when you rip if you wish to try HC again

You technically could do more than just an honor system. You can make a script that checks a person’s gear and cross references it to things that were listed for sale on

but if GGG wanted to make this a thing it would be super simple to let the community run with it. they would just have to add a “found by…” flag of some sort which when cross referenced if the found by doesnt match to Buy POE ORBS with the character that is wearing the item they obviously did not self found it.

Is anything supposed to happen after you put in your information and hit register? the screen just sits there, so I’m not sure if it actually registered or not. One thing though, what’s up with the ladder lengths? HC goes to 242 and SC to 54? Is there something buggy going on or is the system set up that way? Would be nice for both to go maybe 200 or 250 or something?

The way to find Albion Online gold

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Against Illegal Albion Online Gold to Safeguard the Goods of All Players

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Trove: slow progression can be rewarding when done properly

I bought the $20 pack that gave me 5 empowered gem boxes. Lovely. Me at the time was first being introduced to the whole “gem system” and i got 3, 3 star emp gems, 2 with md and each being a different colour. If only i knew at the time what i had just done. From that moment onward, i never got another gem that had any purpose to me (Health regen, health regen, health regen. Like seriously health regen, just piss off!). Oh wait, that stellar. Yes, that stellar. I found a stellar with magic damage and i was really exited because it meant all my emp gems would have MD. so, in a rush i levelled up my chars trying to get all the empowered gems i had on it. I put my emp water gem on, then went for the Trove Flux and my stellar air gem. After spending approximately 9 months grinding the levels this message came up – Allready have that ability- (or something similar). I nearly jumped out of my window head first…..
This brings me to my next topic. Gem dust. I need to say little about this because everyone should know what im about to say. “Boop, Boop, Boop, Boop, Boop…” 5000 gem dust later the gem is the same level. Let me bring you back to my “head first out of my window with a fork sticking out of my brain crisis.”

And we sum it up with a happy ending. Well, it can be a happy ending if the trove developers fix gems. At the very least, make them tradeable and STOP MAKING US WASTE 5000000 gem dust on no level ups. Also how long do you expect us to wait to get a shapers star. This is a game where the rich people get richer and the poor people, well the poor people are just there.

Sarcasm aside I agree with the sentiment. However, I believe there are degrees of rare. There’s farming for a day and not leveling your gem once rare and then there are less punishing forms of rare. I think they’re asking for a common-sense adjustment to what “rare” is.

But slow progression is not punishment… It’s designed so you don’t get to the end of the game quickly, get bored and quit. Too many players see playing the game as punishment and not the point of the game. They don’t want to PLAY the game, they want to win the game, which is ironic in an MMORPG because the game has no clearly defined end. So you can’t really win… but players do everything in their power to somehow win as quickly as they can and then find themselves bored. So play the game. Know that getting rare gear is a matter of a few months work, not a few days work, and you’ll be fine.

Slow progression can be rewarding when done properly. What do you get from slow progression in this game? Better gems? The ability to clear Ultra a little faster? I don’t see compelling reasons to bother with the Cheap Trove Flux if there is no pot of gold on the other side of it. Either make the grind compelling (give incremental rewards for incremental effort) or reduce the grind. What they have now is slow progression with a disproportionate lack of reward for the effort.

Sandbox MMO Albion Online Now is on Steam


Berlin-based studio Sandbox Interactive will be publishing their sandbox MMO Albion Online on Steam. A campaign to have the game Greenlit on Valve’s game distribution platform has been successfully completed.

In an effort to facilitate even easier access to their free-to-play title, Albion Online’s developers had put their MMO up to the test of public opinion on Steam Greenlight. Steam users could then vote on whether or not they’d like to see Albion Online accessible on Steam in the future. And that they did, in their droves; within a matter of days, the community had shown more than enough enthusiasm for Steam to give Albion Online the go-ahead.

“Publishing on Steam gives us another way of allowing players to jump into the world of Albion Online,” said Stefan Wiezorek, founder and CEO of developer Sandbox Interactive. “The social and community-focused functionality of Steam really speaks to the importance we place on player interactions in Albion Online.” Players who don’t use Steam need not worry; they’ll be able to access the many client versions of the cross-platform MMO through the official website as before.

Albion Online is currently in a closed-alpha and will be released for Windows, Mac, Linux, and iOS and Android tablets. Players interested in testing can secure their access by purchasing a founder’s pack. All information about those packs can be found here.

Albion Online: somewhat imbalanced distribution of cities

At first sight I would say this is way better than the current outlands design but I’m not sure if it’s better than the beta1 or even alpha map design.

I’m afraid the timezone system will not work on this scale at all. It’s already super annoying in the live game to hold territories that have strategic value but are not in your timezone. For example, our home plot was in 16:00 UTC but for some reason to cluster next to it was 13:00 UTC, which was way early for us. We could either just leave it and allow enemies to attack our farm constantly or conquer it and be forced to defend that plot constantly at a weird time. In this new design we see gaps like 16:00 -> 14:00 which is bad but still manageable, but we also see 16:00 -> 0:00.

Two castles being 2 clusters apart from each other seems weird. Does this mean you have no other plans for castles and they will just have this passive chest opening as their mechanic?

Another thing I don’t like is the overall shape of the map. It’s a thin, long stretch of land whereas I feel a circle or half-circle design would work much better. In the alpha test were the big guilds/alliances were constantly contesting the Necropolis (the VM2-alpha) it was awesome to have each good guild worry about their own area while constantly fighting different enemies coming towards the middle to contest the dungeon. What I think is awesome about AO Gold are the story lines of war. Guilds and alliances develop in their own way and eventually have a big clash. These story lines a very cool aspect and I think they really bind players to the game. It provides some form of backstory to the otherwise uninspiring endless GvG’s between the known guilds. Crucial to making these story lines happen is having places for super powers to breed.

I’m trying to figure out a good way to explain this but I might have to get back to it later. I feel like the live outlands and this new design both make for an extremely stale landscape that does not provide interesting story lines for guilds to latch on to and participate in. Instead they will just have numerous GvG’s throughout the week over in essence meaningless plots.

The distribution of the biomes and cities also looks to be sub-par (e.g. 2 t6 forests vs. 5 t6 highlands). This is really a new issue for you guys and also one that I myself don’t have much experience with as all clusters contained every resource in the past.

There are some things that I like as well. The raid dungeons being very central is one of them. You have to make sure you take the time to design the raid, castle and chest clusters very well! They will be the main stages for big group fights. The number of dungeons also seems to be better than the current number in live while it might still be on the high side. You’ll earn the Albion Online Gold to balance the dungeons out correctly so that we won’t see every guild camping their local solo dungeons.

I have a few questions if you would be so kind to answer them:
When considering a realistic world it would make more sense of the cities were also harbors to the royal lands. What is the purpose for the separate harbors in this iteration of the map? Having the cities also be harbors would likely also make them good starting points for non-outland guilds to get into the end-game.

There seems to be a somewhat imbalanced distribution of cities. For example the high end mountains are right next to a city whereas the high end swamps are up to 8 clusters away, even more if they take a safer route. What is the reasoning behind this? Having more cities than this would obviously be unwise. However, what are the goals in terms of logistics and trade in this new design? Do you expect people from the swamps to carry their goods to the city to sell them? What about farming, have you considered that swamp guilds will have to travel to the city a lot to farm on their islands?

It looks like you placed 4 siege camps in the low-, medium- and high-end areas. Is this intended? What kind of cooldown do you think these camps should have if there are indeed 4 in such a small area?
In the development video ‘Creating a new world’ you note that a main point of criticism was that the beta1 world didn’t feel alive. Can we expect additions to the game to make the world feel more alive and worth fighting over?
I realize this is not a Q&A so I’ll leave it at that but I think it might be very interesting for others to read your answers as well.

In the end I’m still disappointed. Mainly because this designs confirms that will be looking at a copy-paste map with copy-paste clusters and towns. No immersive world with awesome cities. That hope probably died when seeing the new biomes for the first time but for me this thread confirms it will never be a reality. All that aside, you need to make sure that you get it right in terms of gameplay.

Albion Ingredients are often more expensive

I am new to this game, just played for 5 days, but i wasted some real money to buy gold and upgraded my island to lv 6 hoping this could give me allot silver i future.
The thing is i learn cooking right now, i just bee able to cook goose pie.
I look on market to buy all items for 1 single cooking, and that would cost me 7500 Albion Online Silver. I guess i get 10 pies and that would mean the cost to make them is 750 each.
When i look on market the cheapest costs 650 :D.
That means i could not sell it and earn anything.

If i was able to grow gooses, goats and so on it would offcourse be cheaper, but….if i the sell the ingredients instead of cooking them i make higher profit.
Is there trouble in the games ecconomy? or have i totaly missed something?

Ingredients are often more expensive than the finished product because the process of converting ingredients into products rewards you with fame. If you could just buy ingredients off the market, craft them, and sell them for a profit, then everyone would be leveling their crafting skills for free.

First check the market. Do the math and see if a profit can be made. Then put the work in.

You get 15% returned resources when crafting in a city, which means 15% cheaper materials. Soon they will add the option of using crafting focus for foods/pots to give a 45% return. I generally try and break even on buying/selling and let the 15% be my profit.

I know all of that but any how the ingredients should give a little less profit then the ready cooked meal i think. In moast other mmo i played i could buy ingredients and cook and still make a little profit, ofc not much Cheap Albion Online Silver, or else you make more money selling the ingredients instead of making a product of it.

Its possible to level cooking with buying ingredients allready, ofc you lose some money, but moast of it you get back when selling the finished product.

Lets say i can farm goats, goose and grow cabbage. If i sell the raw ingredients i get more money then if i cook the goose pie, and if i just want money i would go that way instead of learning cooking.

Make Gathering a Small Group Activity

My post did not get any attention on the feedback forums, but I think this would help improve the game and activity out in the world as well as open world fights tremendously…

So here’s my suggestion…

Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, which had an open world FFA PVP server ran this system and I think it could work in Albion. I would like harvesting to become a small group activity, because the social aspect will help make harvesting a little bit more fun and this idea will also help the Devs reduce the amount of balancing they will have to do to help gatherers because you can do it in a small group.

  • Say we have Player 1 who we will call Sickle6
    • Because he can harvest T6 fiber
  • We also have Player who we will call Sickle2
    • Because he can only harvest T2 fiber
  • Lastly we have Player 3 who we will call Lumberjack6
    • Because he can harvest T6 wood but can’t harvest past T1 fiber by himself.

In this suggested system, if Sickle6, Sickle2, and Lumberjack6 are in the same group they can harvest the highest resource that each individual can harvest BUT they all have to be on the same node and carry the right tools.
Image result for albion online

So when Sickle6, Sickle2, and Lumberjack6 all start harvesting that T6 fiber, they all get a little bit of T6 fiber but Sickle6 gets more because he’s specialized in it. (I would also consider limiting the rares to ONLY people who are spec’d in that specific tree.) So if Sickle6, Sickle2, and Lumberjack6 are harvesting a T6.3 fiber Sickle2 and Lumberjack6 will only get a small amount of T6 fiber and Sickle6 will get the rare and maybe a bonus rare for doing it with a group instead of solo. This also means that the same group of people could harvest T6 Trees IF they all had T6 wood axes because Lumbderjack6 can harvest T6 trees.

Yes this idea will put more resources into the market, but it will also increase the amount of small groups out roaming the world which is great for open world PVP and with more fights, people will trash more gear to make up for the new resources.

Some things to consider:

  • Should Sickle2 and Lumberjack6 get fame for harvesting it?
    • I think yes, what is your opinion?
  • Should their be a cap on the amount of people that can be on the node/in group?
    • I think 3 would be a good number, my guildy suggested that you put a cap on how much can be gathered from the node so it doesn’t matter how many people you have, but I think this may encourage zerging.
  • Should Sickle2 and Lumberjack6 get rares?
    • I don’t think so, I think the biggest reward should be for the person who can actually harvest that resource alone
  • Should each person be required to carry the appropriate tool/tier?
    • I think they absolutely should, even if you can’t use it by yourself, you should be able to use it if you’re grouped with someone and on the same node as someone that CAN use it

My reasoning behind this change is to encourage smaller groups to be out doing things together, this would provide an incentive to have people roaming in smaller groups and be out looking for resources. This would also make gathering a group activity instead of a lone solo one, while soloing will still be possible, it will bring more people out of the city and into the world. I don’t like gathering very much myself because I don’t get to do it with my guild, I think if a system like this were implemented it would get me to go out and harvest more with my friends and the rewards would actually encourage it. Harvesting is SO boring and I think this would add just enough to make it fun with the social aspect and the risk/reward of running into another small group of 3~ would get me out in the world doing it more while bringing me closer to my guildies.

What do you guys think?

Orange Zone (Edgeville Pking)

After many many years of playing MMORPG’s, beginning with RS classic, I have seen the rise and fall of many titles.

The most successful titles tend to be those that support players of all play styles, while the games focused on a single play style or that rely heavily on p2w cash shops fizzle out and die soon after their launch (e.g. Wildstar / ArchAge / Neverwinter / ect.).

In its current state i would say that Albion falls into the category of focusing on a single play style (the zerg / large alliance pvp focused player) with a slight tinge of p2w through transmuting (that is negligible if the first issue is solved).

In order to encompass a wider audience / increasing your player-base and in-turn revenue and the life of the game i suggest you turn about half of the current red zones into “orange zones”.
Albion Online
I will explain the idea and concept of the orange zone:

  • This will be a zone situated between yellow and red zones.


  • The zones will have the same resources as a red zone (up to t7).


  • Resource spawn rates can be set at the following ratio. Orange 1x spawn rate / Red 2x spawn rate / Black 4x spawn rate of whatever rates you decide fit the game.
  • In an orange zone players can “lock”into 1 v 1 combat by engaging a target.
  • When a player attacks or is hit by another player they are locked into combat with that target for 5 seconds, meaning no outside players can interfere with the fight until there is 5 seconds time without the player attacking or taking an attack from their initial target. ( I would only count the first tic of a dot to avoid abuse).
  • After a successful execute / kill the player gains a 30 second immunity timer where he cannot be attacked in order to collect loot and heal up slightly.

This system is incredibly similar to Runescapes “Edgeville Pking” which is also a full loot mmorpg. It has proven to be both incredibly popular and successful for the game (more people prefer this style of pvp in RS than their multi-combat zones).
This system will give solo players who are interested in pvp a level playing field and gatherers a solid chance to escape a gank.
Solo pvp players in these zones would most likely build for 1 v 1 combat over mobility while the gatherers here would take full mobility builds as opposed to the current red zones where everyone runs mobility / cc to pile the solo players or smaller groups.

This will offer an alternative to being zerged down and still offer greater rewards to the players and gatherers who decide to go to red or black zones.

Everybody wins with this suggestion.