In Albion you had to compete for everything

Within 5 zones of our guild territory, I have all three (soon to be all 5) biomes T3-T7, one full blown city, Ports that lead to both King and Queen’s red zones, 5 relic chests, T6 and T7 dungeons, 2 main travel pipelines, and 3 enemy guild territories to Buy Albion Online Gold. If I get friends and travel father, Castles, T7+, and more enemy territories open up.

On top of that, there is a good balance in guild territory placement right now. If you want to be close to King’s/Queens and the travel pipelines, you have to accept being in T3-5 zones. Other guilds that will have to travel move get to live in the T6-8 zones. If you want the T7-8 biomes, you have to live deeper in the biomes and farther from other biomes.

If for some reason we want to go all the way across the map and mess around in some other time zone’s non-peak hours, I suppose that would be a 6-8 zone trip. Personally I don’t find that unreasonable.

It would be different if it wasn’t organized by peak play times, but right now there isn’t much incentive to go sit in RU/AU time zones when they don’t have many people on to fight.

In Albion you had to compete for everything, whether it’s fame, resources, territories.

Now, everybody can have their own safe zone with all the resources and fame they will need. You don’t have to earn Albion Online Items. This means most guilds will stay in their comfort zone for most of their time in game, and will have to go pretty far to make the game feel a little action packed, whereas before you could get to the action faster, scout the action faster, since the maps were smaller, and find more action in general.

Removing fast travel in the outlands all together didn’t make sense to me. We had the first territory in the Outlands and nobody settled in near us. In order to find action, me and a few of our guys ran a couple of throwaway sets to Dauntensea in case we ever got bored and felt like pvping, we would port over there naked, grab our set, and go look for pvp.

We were planning on launching attacks and getting some practice in some gvgs before the start of beta 2. Most guilds are active around Dauntensea and Black Forest now as it seems. We were gonna do this by leaving a bunch of gvg sets in one of those cities, but now we are forced to travel 10+ maps to get a gvg. It was inconvenient to gvg teams in different time zones before, but this creates another inconvenience.

One more thing, what’s up with the Hell Gates?

Hell Gates… Realistically, it should be the main attraction for pvp in this game. Think about it, you run the risk of running into another group. You then need to win the fight vs the other group to get to the albion online gold market, whether that should be the fame silver or rare drops. Come to find out, the fame isn’t nearly the best, the mobs and even the boss drop no silver, nor do they drop anything at all.