Trove: What about the mixing farming and PvP

While reading this thread an idea struck me. I’m an avid pvp player when in comes to MMOs. (Idk how I ended up playing Trove, most likely the collection part got me.) What about mixing farming and PvP? I have played many games where the PvP servers or maps had some kind of bonus with the risk of being hunted. We could have a Primal world for each uber (or maybe over U”X”) with some kind of PvP twist in it while having some sort of bonus as well.

For example a few +%drop/+%xp/ double gem boxes at x%, or any kind of thing. Joining anyone on the map/inviting to the map would be disabled to avoid easy grouping/exploiting. All gears would matter, including gems. Not sure about flasks. Limiting jumps would be an interesting twist as well, not only making PvP harder but clearing PvE content as well. Upon dieing you are spawned back to Buy Trove Flux, loosing a few pots could be the drawback. (Couldn’t come up with any better.) Also, no names would appear on map. (Obviously, PvP/classes should be balanced first.) I haven’t talked about the format(s) yet. I have 2 main ideas in my mind:

– Team vs Team
Now this is some sort of basic. Upon entering you choose a team and every player who had chosen the other one are considered enemies. Of course this could be fleshed out more, having permanent teams/wars etc.

Upon entering, you get 5 or X names, that you have to assassinate. You’d have your targets marked with something on the map. Each player would have an indicator, telling them how many players are hunting them and how close they are with the help of symbols not in a completely accurate way. (For example, if it was a colored dot, the closer the hunter, the darker the dot) In closer range you would have them marked for you and vice versa to make it easier. (Like the flag carriers in PvP) Upon killing one of your targets, you would be awarded rewards and your target list should be refreshed. (or that 1 name only). Having a refreshing list would make it able for the first few joiners on that world to have targets as well. Everyone could be a target.

These were just my ideas which popped into my mind while reading the thread. It could possibly bring some excitement and thrill to the boring grinding. Not sure how these would work out in reality. I agree with the point of the thread since I am mostly just logging in for the chaoses/daily streak lately. Half the time I don’t care about the cubits either. I’d rather have some improvement on the existing worlds than having a new biome/higher ubers. (No offense for the dino biome Trino, it will be cool and all for sure, but there are other things which are, I feel like, being overlooked but should be in the focus of attention). With the release of the new Class they should also release “Archaeology/Paleontology” type of skill that would require finding fossils(in block form).

The fossils would be harder then the surrounding blocks so it would be harder to delete them while mining and once you unearth the entire fossil it will light up and dissapear giving you items/xp/rewards or w/e was decided to buy trove flux online. But what I think could really help biomes themselves is randomizing what’s inside the biomes more. sometimes there will be no mobs or sometimes there will max mobs, maybe the blocks are very fertile sometimes and the glim/material is multiplied by 10.

BASICALY i’m just saying this game NEEDS more variety, the Large mobs were a nice addition, but I’d like to see EVEN LARGER mobs in a biome(cough BOSS BIOME cough) one massive boss in a large boime that would require MANY Trovians to defeat.

Trove: the players like Dino Tamer

I really do like the Dino Tamer, but my biggest issue is how it plays so very differently from how it appears on paper. Looking over the descriptions of it’s skills, you’d think the DT was a pet class, using it’s passive to spawn large numbers of dinosaur buddies to offset the randomness of which buddies it would spawn, using the net and CC from the ultimate to hold enemies in place for your army. In practice, the DT gets most of his power from his (rather clunky) net, using his M1 only to keep the massively powerful poison rolling through the Trove Flux for sale. Throwing out dinosaurs is pretty much an afterthought, and not something I ever really feel like I need to be doing. Looking at the wiki, the Therizinosaurus, which is supposed to be the high damage pet, does approximately 300% magic damage every 2 seconds. Compared to the net, which naturally does 400% damage every 0.5 seconds, and that’s without the ultimate more than doubling the damage value. The Tamer seriously needs a rebalancing of power throughout his kit, away from his net and into other abilities. Here are my suggestions:

Gve Dino Buddies some form of charge system like the Tomb Raiser, where additional charges could be acquired through use of the passive. This would avoid situations where multiple targets die to the net in quick succession, effectively wasting multiple triggers of the passive. To balance it out, perhaps only one charge would build naturally, but up to 3 could be stored at once from the passive.

Reduce the net’s damage, and make it charge faster. The net is really sluggish to use right now, due mostly to how slowly it charges up. Making it a bit faster would make the ability more reliable and the class as a whole a lot smoother to play, as right now the Tamer has to stop attacking for quite a long time to get a net ready.

Buff the survivability and damage of the Dino Buddies. As a whole, the Buddies are an underwhelming part of the Dino Tamer’s kit, dealing mediocre damage and being very easy to kill, even with investment into health. Allowing the Buddies to be more of an assistance in late-game fights would make the Trove Flux ability as a whole worth using, perhaps diversifying their statistics more (Triceratops scales incredibly high with health, Therizino having much higher damage than the others, Quetzal being faster).

Make Dino Buddies spawn in a priority, making sure that the player has one of each type. For example, the ability could always spawn a Triceratops, then the Quetzal, then the Therizino, as needed. If any buddies have been killed, casting the ability would summon new buddies to fill missing Dinos in that order. This would make sure that the player is not dependent on RNG for damage and survivability, and is guaranteed to have one of each of the Dino Buddies at a time. If all 3 Dino Buddies are alive, further casts of the Dino Buddy skill would instead heal all active Buddies.

Remove maximum duration from Buddies, instead giving them a health drain similar to the Tomb Raiser’s skeletons. This ties into the previous point, allowing the Tamer to heal his pets. This would allow the Dino Tamer to be able to keep a team of Buddies alive for extended periods of time with well-timed uses of the Dino Buddies skill, topping off his pets. It would also require the Tamer to continuously play around his passive, consistently targeting enemies that have been hit by the net to generate new charges of Dino Buddies, in order to heal his team and keep them fighting.

To bring it all together, the Tamer right now isn’t all that fun of a class to play, because he’s not actually a powerful class by his mechanics. He’s fairly clunky due to the slow charge speed of the net, and he’s overly reliant on RNG in order to get the Dino Buddy summons you want (which aren’t really all that worth it anyway). What makes the class powerful is his absurdly high damage on his net, which can be continuously reapplied through sustained M1 shots. Only 3 parts of his kit are even worth using, and two of those (M1 and Ult) are just to buff the power of the cheapest trove flux other one (the net of doom). Rebalancing the Dino Tamer’s power throughout his kit would make him an alternative “summoner” class to the Tomb Raiser, trading out sheer number of minions for more power, and requiring more management through use of the net and passive to keep the Dino Buddies alive, as opposed to simply using M1 to heal. Even if the Dino Tamer wasn’t meant to be a pet class, making him one would be much more healthy for the class in the long run than simply making him a one-trick pony with his nets.

Trove: the cap would cause more problems

I fell that a cap would cause more problems than it could solve. When you say how high an item’s price can go, that does not only stop that item but any that are connected to it. A month of Patron gives an extra 120 Chaos Chests on top your current Chaos Factor 210 CCs at 300 Mastery). If Patron’s price can not exceed 400k then the price of Chaos Chests would not go past 3333 Flux per. If the price on the chests is locked down like that then what would happen to buy Trove Flux with the items that come from the chests? Patron and Chaos Chest as well as its contents go hand in hand; you can not control one without controlling the other.

Honestly I do not see a problem with the high price of Patron. Don’t get me wrong, I think the price is very high currently but at the same I do not think it is wrong or incorrect pricing. Patron is so strong and necessity that people will pay these prices. Despite the current price we, shockingly, have not reached the point where price does not match the power of the item. As long as there are buyers with hundreds of thousands of flux then there will also be sellers.

From the devs point of view there is no downside for this situation. For every tradable Patron Pass, someone somewhere had to pay $20 USD to get the credits required to buy the item. With the price so high it an incentive to buy passes to sell on the market for some quick flux. Telling the users they can only sell the items for so much is about as good as shooting yourself in the foot. There would be no upside for them in this change and instead it is making one source of revenue look far worse.

Forgot that it also halves the amount of gem boxes it requires to hit karma. This doubles the chances of getting a gem you are looking for the exact same amount of work. Without Patron you are working twice as long to get to the same point as a Patron.

You want a cap on an item that requires people to spend real currency to obtain. They aren’t just injected into the market randomly. People have to actually buy them for them to exist. Would you like to know what would happen if a cap was imposed? No one would buy Cheap Trove Flux to them with cash. The supply would drop. They aren’t buying them for the fun of it, they’re doing so because they want to make a profit and it is profitable right now. You are never going to get a cap added to an item that people are required to buy for it to exist for this reason.

There could simply less on the market because people weren’t finding it profitable, however the demand is still there and people are willing to pay more.

If people are buying them for less and selling for more, they’re playing the market. It is something that anyone can do and it’s how people actually gain flux. You don’t see the people who have played this game the longest buying for 500k and reselling for 300k. They wouldn’t even make a dent to the long term price because the 300k ones would be instantly purchased and sold again for 450k-500k.

Let me jump back to the main topic here. If the item holds value to you, fork over money and buy one if you ‘need’ it.

Trove : Simple is sometimes better than over complicated

Thanks for making a thread like this, it’s really nice to have club arenas all in one spot. I have been checking some of them out, and they are really great so far!
I can give some feedback if anyone wants it.

There are a couple things to keep in mind when making a map:
Simple is sometimes better than over complicated – you probably don’t want to be en route for one flag capture for an entire match period.
Avoid bouncing blocks in really small spaces- cameras don’t like this.
Make sure to test out the maps with a lot of different characters. It’s best to avoid creating a map that favors any specific class. Example: choke point with a sniper post… basically a SH could camp and snipe over and over with Trove Flux for sale no allowance of a single flag capture by the opposing team.
It is nice to have a series of markers that indicate where to go… or obvious base markings.
Feel free to add more tips from your own arena creation or play experiences.

Can’t wait to test out more of these!

So I already made my second arena! The first, as you can see in the first post, was focused on the flags. This one is focused on killing! Inspired by trench warfare, it features a U shaped trench at either end, with craters, biplanes, barrage balloons, “barbed wire” etc in the largely open “no-man’s land” area. Tested this out with some club members and Buy Trove Flux was really rather fun.

this arena was just something i laid out to test out all the pvp elements(its located down at the beach house to the right of the main bridge) but its really quite something. a combination of open field battling ,incline mountains to reach the drop off and pick up points,underwater battling which is quite fun,and underground tunnels which may just turn into something more in the future.

i’ll take some pictures of if tomorrow. also its basicly impossible to get back to the spawn points once you jump off the roof so there’s very little chance of sniping that as well

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Make Gathering a Small Group Activity

My post did not get any attention on the feedback forums, but I think this would help improve the game and activity out in the world as well as open world fights tremendously…

So here’s my suggestion…

Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, which had an open world FFA PVP server ran this system and I think it could work in Albion. I would like harvesting to become a small group activity, because the social aspect will help make harvesting a little bit more fun and this idea will also help the Devs reduce the amount of balancing they will have to do to help gatherers because you can do it in a small group.

  • Say we have Player 1 who we will call Sickle6
    • Because he can harvest T6 fiber
  • We also have Player who we will call Sickle2
    • Because he can only harvest T2 fiber
  • Lastly we have Player 3 who we will call Lumberjack6
    • Because he can harvest T6 wood but can’t harvest past T1 fiber by himself.

In this suggested system, if Sickle6, Sickle2, and Lumberjack6 are in the same group they can harvest the highest resource that each individual can harvest BUT they all have to be on the same node and carry the right tools.
Image result for albion online

So when Sickle6, Sickle2, and Lumberjack6 all start harvesting that T6 fiber, they all get a little bit of T6 fiber but Sickle6 gets more because he’s specialized in it. (I would also consider limiting the rares to ONLY people who are spec’d in that specific tree.) So if Sickle6, Sickle2, and Lumberjack6 are harvesting a T6.3 fiber Sickle2 and Lumberjack6 will only get a small amount of T6 fiber and Sickle6 will get the rare and maybe a bonus rare for doing it with a group instead of solo. This also means that the same group of people could harvest T6 Trees IF they all had T6 wood axes because Lumbderjack6 can harvest T6 trees.

Yes this idea will put more resources into the market, but it will also increase the amount of small groups out roaming the world which is great for open world PVP and with more fights, people will trash more gear to make up for the new resources.

Some things to consider:

  • Should Sickle2 and Lumberjack6 get fame for harvesting it?
    • I think yes, what is your opinion?
  • Should their be a cap on the amount of people that can be on the node/in group?
    • I think 3 would be a good number, my guildy suggested that you put a cap on how much can be gathered from the node so it doesn’t matter how many people you have, but I think this may encourage zerging.
  • Should Sickle2 and Lumberjack6 get rares?
    • I don’t think so, I think the biggest reward should be for the person who can actually harvest that resource alone
  • Should each person be required to carry the appropriate tool/tier?
    • I think they absolutely should, even if you can’t use it by yourself, you should be able to use it if you’re grouped with someone and on the same node as someone that CAN use it

My reasoning behind this change is to encourage smaller groups to be out doing things together, this would provide an incentive to have people roaming in smaller groups and be out looking for resources. This would also make gathering a group activity instead of a lone solo one, while soloing will still be possible, it will bring more people out of the city and into the world. I don’t like gathering very much myself because I don’t get to do it with my guild, I think if a system like this were implemented it would get me to go out and harvest more with my friends and the rewards would actually encourage it. Harvesting is SO boring and I think this would add just enough to make it fun with the social aspect and the risk/reward of running into another small group of 3~ would get me out in the world doing it more while bringing me closer to my guildies.

What do you guys think?

Gathering vs Paying to Transmute

3 of our guild members are out gathering 18+ hours a day and yet there is still no possible way we could gather the 6.4 mats necessary to compete in our GvG’s.

This leaves us with absolutely no CHOICE but to have collectively spent nearly 2000 dollars buying gold just to have enough silver to transmute mats into 6.4 in order to field the team, even with many people over a mil gathering fame…

Please someone explain to me IN DETAIL how this is NOT pay to win. We have to pay to even field a team in equal gear.

Every node of t6 you come across at this point is pancaked nearly 24 hours a day on an absurd 20 hour cooldown, It is completely unfeasible to attempt to gather the resources necessary to field the gvg team, leaving 0 options outside of paying real life money for gold and then using the gold to get silver to transmute into 6.4

The scarcity is a problem, but not for the zergs, becuase they have enough people gathering. It’s a problem for solo gatherers or solo players or small groups.

  1. Go on the AH and look and try to buy even some t6.3 mats, theres none available, the zergs gather it all and sell NONE of it. NONE. Because they need it for GVG.
  2. Now go out as group of 5to10 and try to GATHER the resources to field a team in even basic 6.3! It’s NEVER going to happen, the nodes are all flat and you risk being zerged, it could take weeks to craft even ONE set for each of your players.

The current game is completely impossible for a small group to compete in anyway without paying real money to transmutate resources.

I’m not complaining because im suffering here, im complaining on behalf of EVERYONE ELSE, TECHNICALLY IM BENEFITING FROM THE CURRENT SITUATION. BUT I CAN SEE THAT IT MAKES IT IMPOSSIBLE FOR ANYONE who is not in a zerg or an incredibly hardcore guild!

EVEN if they can’t see it yet, I SEE IT, AND THEY WILL SEE IT SOON ENOUGH!!!! And trust me when i say they are GONE when they realize it, gone gone gone wave goodbye now!

SOLUTION: ALL that has to be done to fix the problem is make the resrouces easier to GATHER than to CREDIT CARD. It’s currently the opposite, the resources aren’t even remotely obtainable by a small guild or group of players, so they have 1 option, credit card.

I’m not saying take the credit card option away entirely, im saying [b]MAKE GATHERING ALSO A VIABLE WAY FOR A SMALL GROUP TO GEAR THEMSELVES. Currently it is COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE for a small group to gather what they would need to field a team! HELL they CAN”T EVEN BUY THE RESOURCES ON THE AH BECAUSE THE BIG STRONG GUILDS ARE HORDING IT ALL!

I think it would be an interesting ffxiv experiment

If My Character Name Was “Asdfhjkl Uikjjiijk”, How Would You React?
The thought of this case study has crossed my mind every now and then. I’ve debated what would happen if I named my character some form of gobbledyguk nonsense, but was very active and social as a character on my server.

How would you react to someone with a name (as in the title) if they popped into DF and actually said something like, “Hello, how’s your day going”? Would you leave thinking it was a gil spammer right off the bat? Would you report me if I made a ffxiv gil PF? What if I shouted out a B-rank location in /shout, would you blacklist me?

I think it would be an interesting experiment. Thoughts?

Initially, I would think bot, if I saw that kind of name pop up in the DF party… but not leave immediately – I’d more than likely wait and see it out.
If you or the person with such name is being obviously social/friendly, I’d likely look passed that and just assume it was some kind of inside joke or ‘statement’ (especially if Roe, thanks to the Sea Wolves names), and ignore the initial perception of the name – and instead focus on the person’s personality/socializing/interaction – I’m a bit of a mirror – if you’re nice and social, then I’ll be nice and social (though, some types of social takes me a little while to open up). And then probably either call you/them “Asdf” or purposefully random sprawlings of my own keyboard smatterings, depending on how much you/the person joked around/seem to be able to take your own name lightly. “Thanks for hte party, fhgjkslffhdsjk!” “Hey fhsjk!” “Nooo don’t die, kdshfjkds!”, “fhdjsjkf, LB”, “Carry us, gfhdjsjfgdsj xD” ;x