I think would help to make Albion a better game

As all the people gave their opinion, I think I am going to give mine to some changes on Albion Online Gold I think would help to make Albion a better game. I come from Lineage 2, so if someone come from it they will find it “familiar”.

#1 Create some random drop on some monsters. Dont misslead me, I dont want to see how a wolf or a bear is dropping weapons, armors or silver, I would find that stupid. Include these “surprise” drops at Morgana fellows, skeletons, etc. Give them a very low chance, for example 0.1 – 1% and give them some use in the game. Prevent the players to craft these items until they are some tiers above the monsters that drop them. Include for example gold drop (some coins, 3-4, with chance of 0.1%)

#2 Instead of crafting 20 times a tier X to reach the ability of crafting tier X+1, introduce the recipes. To craft an item you must to learn the recipe. To learn the recipe you have to (1) be able of manage that weapon tier with Cheap Albion Online Gold, or (2) be able to obtain all the resources to craft it by yourself. If you dont like to hunt monsters, you will craft through (2). If you dont like to search resources and mats, you will do it through (1). The fame in crafting would be to craft better items (will give a little bit better stats). Finally, to obtain the recipe you must to kill some raidboss with a low/very low chance to drop it (5~20%).

#3 Change ratios for craft mats. For example I need 1 branch to craft 1 table. I find it would be better for the economy a ratio 3/1 o 5/1 instead 1/1 (and they return you some resources!!).

#4 Introduce more levels in the weapons. I dont know if the dificult is okey to Buy Albion Online Gold, but you can introduce more levels between the existents without change it. More rewards will do the people to stay more time in the server.

The only point of view I know is mine, so I would like to read what thinks the community.Finally, sorry about my english

Albion Online Quickstart Guide for Newbie

If you want to enjoy the first few hours of the game and slowly explore everything by yourself, do not use this guide.

It is intended for those who have done this 5+ times already or for those who look for some guidance to optimize their start.

If you have any tips or suggestions how to further optimize the guide, let me, @Bogul know!


You log in with your character for the first time ever. You are in the starting zone. You have nothing but your undies.

Do not unpack your founder’s gear or mounts! You do not need them now! Depending on where you start, you may want to take a boat to meet up with your friends. But then it might be too expensive if you unpacked any founders gear!

Your first goal is: Unlock the T2 trees of the destiny board.

look at your “destiny board quests” (bottom of the screen)
(important!) do those quests step by step now until destiny board branches out!
(best area to do this is the starter zone)
don’t leave the zone yet
those quests are:
gather 3 ‘Rough Logs’ (T1), but let’s actually gather 25 logs total because you need them for other quests later!
gather 3 ‘Rough Stone’ (T1), but let’s actually gather 21 stone total, because you need them for other quests later!
walk to the Workbench and prepare to craft stuff
Before you craft anything, TURN OFF CRAFTING FOCUS (click the workbench and turn off the orange hammer & saw icon next to the red ‘Craft’ icon). This returns materials on crafting, and you want to save this focus for higher tier things. If you do not turn it off, you will burn through all your crafting focus on Tier 1 items!
craft 1 ‘Beginners Skinning Knife’ with the Stone & Lumber you gathered earlier (needs 3 each).
Kill 1 Rabbit
Gather 8 Rabbit Hide, but let’s actually gather 18 hide total, because you need them later!
walk back to the Workbench and:
craft 1 Medium Beginners Leather Armor (Chestpiece) (pick move speed passive)
craft 1 Beginners Broadsword with the Stone & Lumber you gathered earlier (needs 6 each)
craft 1 Beginner’s Pickaxe with the Stone & Lumber you gathered earlier (needs 3 each)

DING DING DING, you unlocked the T2 nodes of the destiny board, but wait – let’s prepare the rest of the stuff we need before we leave!

craft 1 ‘Beginners Shield’ with the Lumber you gathered earlier (4 logs).
craft 1 ‘Medium Beginners Leather Hood’ with the Hide you gathered earlier. (4 hide) (pick move speed).
craft 1 ‘Medium Beginner’s Leather Shoes’ with the Hide you gathered earlier. (4 hide) (pick move speed).
craft 1 ‘Beginners Axe’ with the Stone & Lumber you gathered earlier (needs 3 each).
craft 1 ‘Beginners Stone Hammer’ with the Stone & Lumber you gathered earlier (needs 3 each).
craft 1 ‘Beginner’s Sickle’ with the Stone & Lumber you gathered earlier (needs 3 each).

You are ready to leave the starter zone now!
Quick checklist of the things you should have in your inventory before you move to the next zone:
T1 sword
T1 shield
T1 leather armor (head,chest,boots)
T1 pickaxe
T1 wood axe
T1 skinning knife
T1 stone hammer
T1 sickle

make sure your destiny board quests (from above) are completed!

Go to the next zone nao!


You just left the starting zone, you have your super basic T1 stuff and you just entered one of the T3 starter towns on the edges of the world.

Your goal is now: Gather T2 materials & kill easy mobs to unlock T3 crafting & item usage.

We will ignore low tier farming & alchemy unlocks in this tutorial, because you need your private island to do that, which will happen way later in the game.

You will straight up do nothing in the T3 starter-town and (after you teleport to the zone you need to be in, if you need to be in a different one) go harvest all the resources at once to advance to T3 unlocks straight away.

So yeah, ignore people running about in the T3 town and leave through one of the exits to the next zone.

The following step only applies if you want to teleport to a different T3 starter town.

If you do not need to do that – or in case you don’t know or don’t care where you go afterwards , skip this next (blue) section.

If you are outside the T3 starter town, look on the minimap for an area where you can find Heretics, they drop silver and that is what you are after!
Find one heretic, snipe him (don’t worry if you aggro two), kill him, loot him (you should have looted 10 silver or more), leave straight back to the T3 starter town you came from.
Go to the Ship Captain and take the boat to the starter town you want to go to. It should cost you 10 silver.
Leave through one of the exits of the T3 starter town again.

Unpack your founder’s horse now if you have one, it will speed things up & allow you to move things.

Your goal is to gather a big chunk, maybe even all of the resources at once that you need to advance towards T3.

To do anything useful, you need to make yourself T2 tools first. So our first objective is to go out and gather enough resources so we can make ourselves a set of T2 tools.

We want to harvest enough T2 wood and T2 ore so we can make ourselves one of each tool. One T2 tool is 9 Birch Planks and 3 Copper Bars to make, so we need a total of:

45 Birch Logs
15 Copper Ore

After you have collected those resources, go back to the T3 starter town, refine your gathered resources and then craft yourself the tools listed below.

You will not be able to use them yet, because you need to unlock your ‘Trainee Gatherer’ node on the destiny board first.

Albion Online Quickstart Guide for Newbie

Don’t worry, you can just carry them around with you and use them after you gathered enough T2. Just do not throw away your T1 Beginners Tools yet!

Craft the following T2 tools for yourself at the Toolmaker:

1 T2 Stone Hammer: 9 Wood Plank (T2), 3 Metal Bar (T2)
1 T2 Wood Axe: 9 Wood Plank (T2), 3 Metal Bar (T2)
1 T2 Skinning Knife: 9 Wood Plank (T2), 3 Metal Bar (T2)
1 T2 Sickle: 9 Wood Plank (T2), 3 Metal Bar (T2)
1 T2 Pickaxe: 9 Wood Plank (T2), 3 Metal Bar (T2)

After you crafted your tools, leave the city again and go look for more resources.

Your next goal: Gather enough resources to make yourself one of each weapon type and one of each armor type, so you can use them later to unlock T3 items for use.

We want to craft ourselves the following things, because we will need them later:

1 T2 Bag: 12 Stiff Leather (T2), 12 Simple Cloth (T2)
1 T2 Cape: 4 Stiff Leather (T2), 4 Simple Cloth (T2)
Warriors Forge:
1 T2 Sword: 16 Copper Bar (T2), 8 Stiff Leather (T2)
1 T2 Shield: 4 Copper Bar (T2)
1 T2 Heavy Novice’s Plate Armor (Chest): 16 Copper Bar (T2)
1 T2 Heavy Novice’s Plate Helmet (Head): 8 Copper Bar (T2)

Hunters Lodge:
1 T2 Novice’s Bow: 32 Birch Planks (T2)
1 T2 Medium Novice Leather Armor: 16 Stiff Leather (T2)
1 T2 Medium Novice’s Leather Shoes: 8 Stiff Leather (T2)

Mage Tower:
1 T2 Novice’s Fire Staff: 16 Birch Planks (T2), 8 Copper Bar (T2)
1 T2 Light Novice’s Robe: 16 Simple Cloth (T2)
This amounts to a total amount of:

48 Stiff Leather
52 Copper Ore
48 Birch Logs
32 Cotton

So you leave the starter town again and harvest the resources listed above. If you harvest more resources than the amounts listed, you can keep those resources if you want to use them for crafting later. But the amounts listed above are the minimum of each resource you need to gather to make all your armors and weapons at once that you need to unlock all T3 items for use.

After you have the above resources or more in your inventory, go back to your T3 starter town and refine them.

Craft yourself the following things now (all T2):

Plate Armor
Plate Helmet
Leather Armor (move speed passive)
Leather Shoes (move speed passive)
Fire Staff
Cloth Armor

Now it its the time that you will slowly have to use your own brain to figure out what you want to do do next.

If you want to get to farming albion silver ASAP, make sure you have the above things in your inventory and go straight towards farming mobs. Look for Heretics and green-zone dungeons. You can easily solo them with your new gear. You are making phat stacks of $$ now!

Kill anything that gives you fame. Repeat until you unlock the T3 weapon node, continue until you unlock the T3 armor node of the armor you are currently wearing. After you unlock the node of the weapon or armor you are currently using, swap out your weapon or armor and continue to farm mobs. Do this until you can use all T3 weapons and T3 armors!

– See more at: http://www.aosilver.com/albion-online/news/albion-online-quickstart-guide-for-newbie#sthash.vQQhRbGe.dpuf

Riders of Icarus: the starter stages

First of all, I want to get this off my chest, I will not go into much detail on why this guild is great, blah blah blah, what we require of you.. etc

Why? Obviously the answer is that it is in the starter stages of this game? Anything you want to clear you can do without a guild to Buy Riders of Icarus Gold… so you find yourself asking why would you join one let alone mine? Heck and if you wanted to join a guild, what would set one apart from the other besides the level of it? Well let me tell you a couple reasons for joining a guild/my guild…

1) Online games are fun, but way more fun with an active community.. one that uses an online chat program (such as we use teamspeak) only makes it better! Come on, no one wants to be excited alone!

2) Guilds in Riders of Icarus get bonuses?! Why wouldn’t you want those? +Health? +Stats, lets get those bonuses together.

3) This game is growing, so join a group that itself is growing too! Who knows, maybe you are level 1 just stepping out of the prison to join the Crow’s quests with Cheap Riders of Icarus Gold. or you’re level 25 with all the mounts just waiting on the new content to come out soon.

4) You get to have a fancy guild symbol by your name… Oooooh ahhhhh.

5) Pfft? Come on now Tesseract is a awesome name… if you don’t know what a Tesseract is… it is the 4D analog of a cube, like a cube is the 3D analog of a square.

Anyways, like I said… if you need any info you can post it here, or msg me in game Jacques. Hope to see you soon.

I was trying to figure out what these mean/do in the settings and was messing with it but it doesn’t even seem to change. What do they mean and how could I make my friend in the party get everything and not give me anything?

If the party leader right clicks their status bar, they can change it.

master looter means the leader distribtues loot.

group loot means people roll need, greed or pass.

need before greed means if there’s an assassin in the group and assassin gear drops Icarus Gold, no one, but the assassin can roll on it.

Albion Online: Queensmarket and Smoky Bay

Granted I’m pretty new; but it would seem, as a trader, that 90% (or a very high percentage) of trade happens in Queensmarket and Smoky Bay, Queens for west continent and Smoky Bay for east continent.

However, I think that makes for a good market system because traders always will always want a central place to conduct Cheap Albion Online Silver. (Look at gold standard eve online with Jita, Dodixie, etc.) Fast travel is only viable for trading at T4 or below where high volumes of buy low/sell high happen. Fast travel with T5+ is so much more expensive that your profit margin pretty much disappears. To me, this is a preference of market pvp-style: while I would, as a trader, prefer to sit in one city and station-trade; perhaps other traders/merchants enjoy hauling from one city to another?

Even with the high fast travel transport cost it can be still worth trading between places … atleast that my experience. Previously alpha tests i usually did a few merchant mission highly profitable and successfull on horses between pvp cities (no ox)

Now one can use the t8 Direbear+ flee boots+ medium helm + whatever runspeed weapons with AO Silver… even give the merchant ox like carrying capacity plus almost 95+% chance to escape in small scale ambrush…asuming evenly geared merchant and ambrusher

What else do you need, besides the harder the trading & logistic obstacles and the risk… the higher the possible reward…There were a few travel faction fame quest in the starting zone, maybe one could expand on that….thought i dont really think its needed for a sandbox game, plus if profit is worthwhile from the quest it uusally gets abused.

I would like courier contracts to be implemented just for convenience (goods would move from player to player vs from player to alt); I don’t think it would significantly increase the existing hauling that happens already.

The auction house UI seems to have improved a lot from what I’ve read, but I think it could be better. There’s a lot of tab and window switching that happens, which makes it difficult to understand how profitable an item might be by not showing the buy and sell orders at the same time. Because of that, the current UI favors people who simply buy from sell orders and sell to buy orders in best albion online silver store. And traders who want to buy low/sell high to flip their silver have to make an extra effort to make sure they aren’t making a clerical error.

Albion Online Skills Guides

If you hold for example the .1 bow, do you know how to shoot a proper arrow, or aimed shot as a Q skill?

Yes, because your char is trained enough! If you unequip, you still know how to use it, but you cant since you dont have the weapon in your hand.

If you think like this, the way Substanzd explained new skills on higher powerlevels by knowledge of the char, not by skill of the crafter/item.

Same goes for the unique skills, for Cheap Albion Online Silver, you know how to use an aimed shot on every Bow, its a basic skill. But to use the increased attack skill E ability on the .1 Skill, you actually need knowledge AND a Weapon designed for thi kind of ability, since fireing fast with a longbow, that is designed for long range sieges (rain of arrows) is something that would work properly. I guess that could be the reasoing why the E ability is unique on each weapon, since it requires knowledge AND a specific item, while the Q and W abilities are more like Basic stuff you can pull of with weapons that are close enough.

If you stick to this kind of mindset, i think the new artefact weapons will have the same Q and W skills as the normal versions, but a unique E ability that suits their faction/properties.

Also, if we have learned 1 thing from this Beta, skills may come and go, the focus should be on the world and the overall gameplay.

Enchant system should only make items equally powerful with higher tier ones. New abilities should be opened with tier levels. I dont want to see all abilities unlocked with T5 either. In ideal situation we should get new ability opened in every tier level (it can also be passive one). It does not have to be allways better one, just to give more variations. Now this makes leveling with tiers more meaningfull and prevents players to skip over whole tier levels. What i meen is, that if you get gear 4.1 / 4.2 / 4.3 quite easily and you dont get anything more with new tier levels, you can just skip T5 and T6 items and powerlevel through those.

Most important thing is that you get one more ability with albion online silver farming. Now in beta2 you can make T7 gear pieces from materials from King’s and Queen’ islands. So with max enchants (7.3) will be quite powerfull, but if T8 opens one more very usable ability, it courages people more to travel to Outlands get T8 materials.

Albion Online Resource Interaction

With the new destiny board changes this no longer holds truth. Now former .2/.3 items are all be crafted the same way as .1 items. U use the .x recources to enchant those items. How does that exactly work? I have no idea. My guess is that u craft the base item. 4.1 longbow for example and then enchant it with the .2/.3/.4 recources.

The devs will make a video about this system, u should wait for that.

Edit: Too elaborate further, the devs stated in the news post that once u reach tier 4, u ll unlock all important weapons of the branch to Buy Albion Online Silver. That means if i leveld bow till t4, i ll be unlocking t4 bow/warbow/longbow at the same time. This implies powerlevel equiality! Note that this is very important, since generally speaking this is a huge buff to .1 and a nerf too .2/.3 . One can only start and theorycraft now possible .1 burst builds or alike. I am fucking hyped!!!

“Items can be crafted on four enchantment levels: neutral, one, two and three. In order to craft an enchanted item, a crafter will need the enchanted versions of the material they would normally use.


Enchanted items will be significantly stronger, as each enchantment level equals one additional tier AO Silver. For example: A level one enchanted Tier 4 Sword is as strong as non-enchanted Tier 5 Sword.

You can read more about the new Item System here (coming soon).

Unlike before, it will be easier to unlock the exact item you want and start specializing. All sub-categories of a core item are unlocked upon reaching Tier 4 and will all be equally powerful. ”

So axe, greataxe and scythe are now equal powered for example and all have own branch in tree now.

Every gear piece can be now:
T5 (which is T5.0)
T5.1 (equal to 6.0)
T5.2 (equal to 6.1 and 7.0)
T5.3 (equal to 6.2 , 7.1 and 8.0)
No more .4 , .5 and .6. This is almost like the old system, but much much better way implemented.