RoIStore Internet Game – Riders of Icarus Buying Gold Care in Acquiring Gold

December 14, 2016 – Are you aware that there are dangers in Riders of Icarus buying gold? Some scrupulous gold selling and power leveling companies turned out to be identified as thieves as they were engaged in credit card frauds after they got personal information from players of Riders of Icarus.
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RoIStore Internet Game - Riders of Icarus Buying Gold Care in Acquiring Gold

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Albion Online Resource Interaction

With the new destiny board changes this no longer holds truth. Now former .2/.3 items are all be crafted the same way as .1 items. U use the .x recources to enchant those items. How does that exactly work? I have no idea. My guess is that u craft the base item. 4.1 longbow for example and then enchant it with the .2/.3/.4 recources.

The devs will make a video about this system, u should wait for that.

Edit: Too elaborate further, the devs stated in the news post that once u reach tier 4, u ll unlock all important weapons of the branch to Buy Albion Online Silver. That means if i leveld bow till t4, i ll be unlocking t4 bow/warbow/longbow at the same time. This implies powerlevel equiality! Note that this is very important, since generally speaking this is a huge buff to .1 and a nerf too .2/.3 . One can only start and theorycraft now possible .1 burst builds or alike. I am fucking hyped!!!

“Items can be crafted on four enchantment levels: neutral, one, two and three. In order to craft an enchanted item, a crafter will need the enchanted versions of the material they would normally use.


Enchanted items will be significantly stronger, as each enchantment level equals one additional tier AO Silver. For example: A level one enchanted Tier 4 Sword is as strong as non-enchanted Tier 5 Sword.

You can read more about the new Item System here (coming soon).

Unlike before, it will be easier to unlock the exact item you want and start specializing. All sub-categories of a core item are unlocked upon reaching Tier 4 and will all be equally powerful. ”

So axe, greataxe and scythe are now equal powered for example and all have own branch in tree now.

Every gear piece can be now:
T5 (which is T5.0)
T5.1 (equal to 6.0)
T5.2 (equal to 6.1 and 7.0)
T5.3 (equal to 6.2 , 7.1 and 8.0)
No more .4 , .5 and .6. This is almost like the old system, but much much better way implemented.

Albion Online Cador Armor Changes

While we were quite happy with the distinct combat roles heavy, medium and light armors offered, the differentiation of Cloth, Leather and Plate on top of it was making the system too convoluted and hard to read. That is why we simplified it with this update: now, all heavy armors are Plate, all medium armors are Leather, and all light armors are Cloth.

We’re also introducing 24 new spells! Now each armor item has one unique spell only available on this specific Albion Online Items, which opens up lots of combinations for your very personal build. On top of this, the three different types of Leather Armor (formerly medium armor) now each have a distinct specialization within the Leather range, emphasized with different spells and stats. The same applies for cloth and plate.
Of course, you keep all your items and Destiny Board progress. All old armor pieces in the game will be replaced with their equivalent in the new system, and reforging existing items gives you access to the new spells.

The Destiny Board armor progression in the fighter line and crafter line were different under the old system – fighters progressed by weight, while crafters progressed by material. We found this confusing, and it also didn’t work well with this armor rework, so with this update the fighter line and crafter line progress through the same armor items. In the fighter line: all the old “light” items will now be Cloth, all “medium” items will now be Leather, and all “heavy” items will be Cheap Albion Online Silver, so if you were a tank before with the heavy line, you’re still a tank with the new Plate line. For crafters, all the old Plate items will stay Plate, all Leather items will stay Leather and so on. This means if you were a Cloth crafter before, you can still craft all the Cloth armors (so your materials stay the same), but instead of being able to craft one DPS set, one tank set and one hybrid set, you’ll be able to craft all the DPS armors instead, as they’ll all be Cloth.

Albion Online Cador Armor Changes

All Heavy Armor items are now Plate!
All Medium Armor items are now Leather!
All Light Armor items are now Cloth!
24 New Spells!

You’ll need to reforge your old armors if you want to gain access to these, of course.
Three unique variations of Cloth, Leather and Plate items per armor slot to specialize your unique build.

Shoe spell choice is now an important part of your build! Shoes now offer very different spells, not just variations of sprint.

This really shows that this development team actually pays attention to player concerns albion online silver farming. Armor and thus its crafting counterpart being simplified but also expanded on is exactly along the premise of Albions meta.

This does raise one concern to me regarding the Albion Online community

Really interesting way of fighting the “dying plot” due to an owner which already left the game but has hoarded a lot of silver on his account.

Nice change and i would like to see how this “bid auction” plays out (especially for new players who doesn’t have tremendous amounts of Cheap Albion Online Silver to compete with residents)!

I fear also now for a smaller guild that builds up the economy buildings in a city there is no chance when a big guild wanna have it .
This update sounds not so good for me … we will see what happens in the closed beta

This does raise one concern to me regarding the less HC community. That is that you’ll have to compete for your own plot economically, which would naturally favor large guilds in the bidding wars against almost any solo player / casual guilds, irrelevant whether the original owner is active or not.

What I would like to suggest here is that the auction would only start when the original owner has gone inactive for a certain period of time, or alternatively has run out of money for the upkeep (Where the upkeep cost might increase gradually for every consecutive day of inactivity after a certain time.) This way soloers wouldn’t have to worry about having to be shoved aside as long as they actively use their plot.

Unless something is done to protect smaller guys in cities, the system is essentially forcing them to live in islands. I’d personally want to see smaller guys idling at the town central rather than everybody vanishing into thin air as they’re now hanging around the islands.

The only wrong about this game is private islands, with this system is even easier for new people to acquire a plot of land in any city.
So what is the point to keep private islands?
Why I would spend money in a city if I can have free buildings in my own, forever untouchable place?