Albion Online players have global access to information regarding prices


When players have global access to information regarding prices, they will come to expect all markets to adhere to those globalized prices. While we cannot solve this issue with perfection, we can at least make it decent by remove fast travel and requesting that people either talk inside the game, outside the game or use Albion Online Items that store and present market information outside of the game.


When all players have access to the same resources near every town, the possible production is equalized and there is less AlbionMall for variations in both price and availability. Removing fast travel will make no difference to this issue on it’s own, but keeping fast travel after changing the map to introduce resource disparity will partially negate the value of that resource disparity.


When a game has production that is limited to the player entities that has sufficient skills there is room for diversity on the market based on the localization of those skills. With the current fast travel, this localization becomes a globalization which not only makes the prices on the market reflect the top-tier producers, but also effectively shuts out small-time and mid-tier production as the top-tier uses fast travel to move their skills and produce in local markets.


In albion, the ability to farm specific resources depends on the availability of the tools or weapons that are strong enough to do so. With fast travel, those tools are globalized since the skills can travel at negliable Cheap Albion Online Silver cost and the lack of resource disparity allows the skills to be equally effective in every market. Should we remove fast travel, the necessary tools to farm high-tier material will become one of the many goods that merchant will be able to peddle for profit.


In a localized game world where there is a significant cost to travel, demand remains localized and depends on the populations skills and AOSilver choices. Some towns might have more players who use tomes, or more players who uses torches than other towns, which opens up the opportunity for the enterprising merchant to find other towns with the reverse conditions and equalize those markets for profit. Due to fast travel though, the demand as it is now simply travels to wherever the supply is and buys it there.

Removing fast travel, will generally speaking, boost the trading productivty by allowing traders to have an actually issue to solve. Furthermore, it will increase the appearant size of the world and set the basis for the coming biomes and cultural differences between the continenrs, cities and zones. As long as we have fast travel, the world will appear small, repetetive and non-artistic.

Enhance, test, polish, and change the Albion Online for the better

Any motivation I have to progress further tier wise is gone; I just play to PvP at this point and to hang out in TS with my guildmates I’ve known for ages. With that said, I am looking forward to the changes being implemented and a wipe before getting back into the entirety of the game again.In my experience when you play a game for years before official release then you lose your Albion Online Gold to be as objective as someone experiencing it from a fresh perspective. Latching onto a play style and then being resistant to change is mostly human nature, so I get it. I’m not telling you to change your stance but it would be less stressful for you if you did. Alphas and Betas exist in order to enhance, test, polish, and change the game for the better (in the developers eyes).

It’s hard to play in the games current state, there’s nothing to do but grind, and the grind isn’t even worth it due to the reward not making a big of a difference anddddd it will also get wiped. So it’s like just chilling and waiting till start of the next beta or a great patch.Well all of you saying you are bored I don’t think you are going to be interested in the final Albion Online Powerleveling of the game. It’s clear to me the game is all about GVG. So if you are wanting a solo dungeon farming game this is not the game for you.

If you can’t have fun with the large open world PVP and GVG’s then i would just recommended another game. As this isn’t a themepark MMO that is going to add a new dungeon for all of you to farm for a couple days until you get bored again and leave.

I am with you guys on the crafting/gathering. I do it just mainly to keep myself supplied for PVP. Which is the part of the game I enjoy. But really if you not into current style of PVP i would strongly recommend you go to another game. As the core mechanics aren’t going to change otherwise might as well just say its going be albion 2 as changing something like that takes a significant amount of Cheap Albion Online Gold.Core mechanics don’t change through betas.

Current tier Albion Online Items relatively inexpensive

I like vashangelarm’s approach a lot better, using lower tier items for making higher tier items. it will be one of the few ways to go where the actual end products are required and I think the actual only working way.

That said I don’t think that necessarily has to be a bad aspect if economically strong groups progress faster, especially as the whole gap reduction between casual and heavily invested players seems silly and unrealistic to me anyways .. but this will extend this gap even further, for good or ill. Casual players will never be able to really catch up to the hardcore players anyways, so why even try? Having them advance further, only means that lower tier items will become way less expensive, providing a benefit for these casual players as well, because they get their current tier Albion Online Items relatively inexpensive, providing them with easily accessible gear to shred even if they want to lose a lot of it in activities like pvp without having to worry about extremely expensive and competitive prices like the players in the top tiers are often facing.

Here is a good way to get the economy back on track. Bring back newbs dieing in green AlbionMall breaking there gear TRASH. keeps newbs re buying t4 and under.Make Yellow zones able to also have your gear TRASHED not just durability hits. like it was in alphas. makes t4-6 people have to re buy gear.Instead of having a infinite amount of chances to Re roll. how about giving the user say 30 dice rolls of SAFTY rolls nothing happening to there gear but once 30 Rolls have been executed then the chance of ur armor trashing is there. Like any other crafting in most games Or Enchanting. there has to be risk to be better than others.

If Albion Online was truly meant to be a PvP game

As someone that joined during current beta, it was strange to me when they changed the fame requirements. It just shows that even the core mechanics of the game are not finished. It makes arguments valid.Now do I believe that some parts of the game should be changed from fundamentals? Ohhh yes. The problem is, something that I might feel is good idea, someone else will think otherwise. The problem is that SBI cant satisfy the expectations of everyone, and currently they are trying to do that. They should stick to their Albion Online Powerleveling and believe in their game more, rather than changing the same mechanics multiple times.

Despite their original vision, maybe they realised that they need wider appeal to make the game financially viable. Despite what you think, theyre not designing this game to make you happy … they are doing it to make money. Shifting the focus is perfectly acceptable if they feel it will give the game longevity. And before you harp on about broken promises, they are quite entitled to change the game in any way THEY see fit. Its not your game.

If this game was truly meant to be a PvP game then it would have a passive character skill progression system similar to that of EVE’s where you don’t have to grind NPCs to get into PvP action. As it is, PvE is a huge part of this game. The fact that it is such a big part and it is so boring and unrewarding is what causes so much concern for the PvE side of the game.

If they are furthermore ignoring this, and autopiloting in their roadmap, i have more and more Cheap Albion Online Gold that this will not end well. I dont mind the 99 $ i have spend, i love to support ideas, but even for me it is a little disappointing to see that they introduce more or less “gimmicks” while ignoring the core problemes of the current game.

Few ideas to keep Albion Online interested

Few ideas to keep me interested:
Game World.
Let us build the world. Remove premade buiding plots and cities, roads, harbors. Give us tools to build these. Remove fast travel from everywhere and world allready will get much bigger. Add resting system or energy system and remove LP.s
Add criminal system. Add Cheap Albion Online Silver fire. Remove player names and guild names when out of melee range or out of group. Group size max 5 players. Let us choose any melee skill on any melee weapon, ranged skill on any ranged weapon, magic skill on magic weapon, hybrid weapons possible, etc. Weapons give different stats modifiers: attack speed, attack range, cooldown reduction, healing boonus, armor, etc. Higher gear gives more skill slots.
mobs can use same armor/weapons/skill as we do. Mobs can loot players, patrol, flee.
Gathering, Crafting
Lower materials needed for weapons/armor/buildings. Reduce carry weight on bag and mounts to counter.
Destiny board
Let us gather,craft, wear, build anything as long we have Albion Online Items. Balance it with fame. If you dont have enough fame lvl you gear have big chance to get destroyed when crafted , takes much longer to gather and craft, is much lower lvl, etc.

Even if i dont play AO anymore then no worries, i allready bought founders pack.

SBI isn’t exactly known for Albion Online small changes

Historically speaking however, SBI isn’t exactly known for their small changes. Often times when they want to “re-examine a system” they end up coming up with an entirely new system that has virtually zero compatibility and usually only vaguely resembles the old system in place. A great example is the recent Fame changes they made to both Combat and Crafting. When they condensed the refining into a single node on the destiny board it polevaulted some people super far ahead and some people jumped from being able to refine T5 to being able to refine T8.

So given the huge number of Albion Online Silver before release, which when you total them up basically amount to redoing the entire game from scratch (Albion Online Items, fame, crafting, resources, gathering, farming, armor balance, weapon balance, etc are all getting an overhaul) in addition to the feature creep on top of that (Fishing? A karma system for people who can’t get over a nearly 2 decades old game?) and truthfully the decision not to release makes sense since the potential, given the developer’s history, to really destroy their released game with these level of changes and potentially bad implementations of new systems.

The amount of depth the Albion Online has and all the possibilities

I’m in the midst of making a small little guide which will help with some of the questions you have, and one of the things I will recommend to you is to find Albion Online Powerleveling. I also started this game at first just a friend and myself, and as fun as it was, the grind sunk in really hard and really fast. The amount of depth the game has and all the possibilities were hidden in this dense fog of grind. As soon as we joined up in a guild we were able to get much more fame, much faster, besides the fact it was nice to have a bunch of others to help and play with.

Your build as a tank doesn’t actually sound that bad, and as tank as you are, it sounds like you are going for more of a bruiser build compared to tank. Both are completely viable. What separates them however is that a tank is all about damage mitigation and survivability. With Cheap Albion Online Silver on your chest as compared to something like the fire shield, and you saying the build seems “lackluster”, it sounds like you wanna stay tank but do decent damage. To this I would recommend keeping your plate armor, choose the abilities that best fit your play style and what you wanna do, and use a weapon such as the great axe, scythe, claymore, etc. These weapons give a good amount of health and are very viable, especially with the upcoming patch!
For a tank, the hammer and shield is one of the best setups, I would also recommend mace and shield, but the two handed counterparts to each of these are absolutely viable as well, but used more so in PvP.

In Albion Online :I don’t see the absurdity

I don’t see the absurdity. Queensmarket is doing just fine in comparison while being a hub, and that is during a time of decline of playerbase. Once they fix other issues things will look very differently. In particular, once they remove the fast travel and spread out resources distribution so that each AlbionMall has different access to resources things will start to look much better. I think they are about to test that theory given that their state of the game update lists it as something to do.

Time will tell, of course, but I’m confident that there will be people (perhaps not you), that would be happy to set up trade routes and use their oxes to take advantage of the market differences. I know I’ve met a handful such people, and I’m also one of them myself.

People will transport the stuff arround to earn AO Silver. Because there are lazy people who just will buy it, even if the price is allot higher. Best example how this works is EvE.
Thats why SI have to remove all of the fast travel out of the game and bring the game back to Sandbox.

Our goal is for Albion Online to be a long term success

I’m happy to see the loss of F2P even if it is only temporary.

However, you’ve said some of these things before and they still have not been implemented over quite a large time frame. Can we expect some of these changes soon? It seems odd for things to always be “in the works” while the game is continually delayed. While it can work for a time, in the long run people lose interest.

I’ll be interested to see what is coming in the Jan. 13th release. Hopefully it is substantial.

now that the closed beta test is in full swing, we have a very important announcement to make.
The closed beta will be extended until at least 1st August 2016
The game will not be free to play at launch
Our goal is for Albion Online to be a long term success, therefore, we only want to release the game when it is truly up to its potential. The extension of the closed beta period will allow us to make significant improvements to the game.

For this reason, we are putting the free to play plans on hold as well. Making the game ready for a free to play model would take up significant development time which we would much rather use to make a better game. Free to play would also create a lot of risks for the game – spamming, botting, world too small, etc – which we do not want to take if it can be avoided.

When the game goes live, current founder’s packs will be discontinued and replaced with starter packs, which will give access to the game but offer Cheap Albion Online Gold for money than the founder’s packs as this is only fair to all founders who help us in making the game.

We are truly overwhelmed by the success of Albion Online thus far and would like to thank all of your for your ongoing support and feedback. Together, we will make sure that Albion Online will be a great game made to last.

Adventurers in Albion Online

Fellow Adventurers,

Based on our own observations and feedback received from the community during the beta test, we are looking in reworking our Guild vs Guild territory fight system.

Before we start working on it further, we want to share our concept with you to provide you the chance to give feedback and make suggestions.

Problems with the old system
Only 5 players take part in the fighting
Fighting is limited to one 15 minute battle per day
Guilds are forced to hold territories that they do not need to create attack routes
Room for gaming/exploiting the timers, defender bonuses and attack mechanics

Design goals of new system
Incentivize constant conflict between guilds, with the GvG territory fights acting as the “main event”
Allow all players to take part
Minimize or remove any exploitability
Preserve the ability for small guilds to hold territory

Change 1: Resource territories
Resource territories are replaced with open world building slots for resource extractors
These are buildings that are constructed by a guild (such as an ore mine or a lumber camp) that automatically gather and store Cheap Albion Online Gold[ over time.
The buildings can be attacked and destroyed in the open world, though there is a delay mechanism which allows for the defender organize their defense
However, overall balance is that the buildings are relatively cheap to build and relatively easy to destroy: we want to encourage lots of smaller battles and we do not want it to hurt that much if the buildings are destroyed while your guild is offline