What about a Token system in Albion

Don’t believe you are the target demographic for this game.

Sounds like you don’t like some of the core design elements and as most of the game revolves around guilds/social participation, not sure what you plan to get Albion Online Gold.While I like the basic idea behind the game, if I didn’t know others playing it, would never have made it on my machine. Simply too grindy and work in progress for me to bother solo.

Has potential, but what you dislike most likely won’t drastically change soon or down the road.Unfortunately they can’t please everyone, either it checks enough boxes off your list or it doesn’t.The opposite of what you dislike is pretty much every semi popular mmo, clearly they aren’t trying to make that game.

When raiding in PvE, you have a small chance of getting Tokens.

A T1 token allow you to “buy for free” any T1 equipement from the market. The seller gets his money anyway, not from the player, but from the Token/Computer.
T2 token for T2 equipement, etc.

Of course, the tokens would be quite rare, and very rare for T4+ tokens.

The Tokens should drop from any mobs, for example T1 mob can drop a T6 token, but so rarely that’s it’s “almost impossible”. But not impossible.
Bosses should have better chance of drop, and advanced mobs (elite, T5, T6…) should scale also.

If you want to buy something that costs 5 silvers, or 50 000 silvers, it’s the same, as long as it’s a Tier-related token.

Token are not linked to Silver’s value.

If Alex is selling a T3 horse for 100 000 silvers, and Betty a T3 horse for 50 000 Albion Online Silvers, you can use your token for Alex or for Betty, it’s all the same.
Or if you already have a horse and you want a weapon, you can buy a weapon, an Arcane staff for 15 000 silvers, it’s up to you.

Doris can set its horse T3 price at 500 000 and expect someone with a token to pay for it, but during the same time, maybe 145 other players will buy with silvers for T3 horses costing 40 000 silvers.I don’t think it can break economy, because Tokens should be rare, and there is more need than tokens at a given time, so players will still buy with silvers and gold from the market, and a small portion of them will use tokens instead.What if you limit the Token to be a mirror of your wallet, the moment you loot it.

If you have 50 000 silvers, you can buy up to 50 000 silvers (still on one single item) from the market, related to token’s tier.That way, a token is like a “free investment” but only if you could afford it in the first place.