Suggested improvements from a new albion online player

No particular order, just random observations.

1, Fame splitting in groups should be offset somewhat by a grouping bonus that awards more fame than currently awarded after splitting. Too harsh a penalty now.

2. Radius of interactivity should be expanded somewhat when encumbered to the point of complete immobility.

3. Farming plants should take less time than animals in order to keep up with the feeding cycles.

4. In general, farming activities progress more slowly than other skills. You can’t repetitively farm crops like you can kill mobs, needs to go faster to keep in balance with other progressions.

5. Allocation of Farm plots vs. Building plots seems wrong on private Islands. I use up every farm plot and wind up with tons of extra building slots. Who builds everything? Rather have more farms per level than building plots.

6. Move to the top of the list all Other Islands you can visit before Cities, not just your own.

7. Scrollbar in the chat box.

8. Recovery from Knockout should take less than 40 seconds. Hell, the gear damage is punishment enough, don’t need to frustrate players waiting around staring at a screen that long.

9. Tab targeting would really help identify where your attacker is in dark screens.

10. Gamma slider please!

11. Repair All button

12. More clear identification of dungeons that are “single player” but have large groups of vet bosses. Are 5 vets really “single player”?

Thanks, love the game, these additions would make it even more killer.

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Albion Online: counter play part of PvP

I thought about not spending the time writing this, because there are so many of these types of posts out there, but a friend of mine suggested I should; just in case others liked the ideas.

First of all, some of these ideas aren’t my own, but they’re in here to give people the better overarching experience. A lot of people when they suggest ideas to one specific part of the game, don’t see the larger aspect of the game as well. Changing the one little thing such as crafting and allowing people to mine X more than usual changes more of the game than just faster mining. The ideas within are supposed to complement each other and work together, not just “change X thing!”

PvP, Yellow and Red:

We all know the map needs to be bigger, and it’s been addressed multiple times, but just for prosperities sake I’ll say it here as well. Yellow needs to be bigger, offering a larger buffer between Green and Red, Guards on each section.

Red Needs to be expanded more, and there should be no safe zones beyond green in the slightest. The reasoning for this is that this game is supposed to be about team work, co-operation, and the sandbox. Anything beyond Yellow should be that sandbox, from guilds having to take and hold territory, to alliances forming to help better defend themselves, to roaming Guilds patrolling their own lands and kicking out anyone they don’t want there. Those should be part of the game. Red needs to be expanded so much more for such a thing to exist, allowing more space for people to spread out, slip through the gaps and in otherwise guard.

Black itself needs to do the same, but with the ability for Guilds to control entire zones with much more efficiency. Red needs to be the smaller guilds banding together fighting over and defending what’s theirs. Black needs to be far more rooted in large guilds, or alliances, coming together and imparting their own rule and laws upon their zones, along with who may come and go as they please.

Something that’s desperately needed is a reputation system. If you’re out there slaughtering people in Yellow zone time and time again, you need to have consequences for that. There needs to be a system that either makes those people Perma-Reds in the long term, or otherwise penalizes their actions in other ways.

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Albion Online AMA with the developers

I’m Stefan, aka Bercilak, and I am the CEO of Sandbox Interactive – the studio developing Albion Online ( Without a Kickstarter campaign, but with more than 250,000 registered players, more than 35,000 Founders and $2,5 million brought in by (crowd-)funding, we have launched our Closed Beta phase today, on November 23. And boy, are we excited!

My team and I want to offer AMA to answer all your questions about our game, the current status of development, its history and everything else you can Buy Albion Online Gold. If you have never heard of Albion Online: it is a Sandbox MMORPG in a medieval setting. We have drawn inspiration from games like EVE Online, Ultima Online, Dark Age of Camelot, League of Legends and smaller titles like Haven & Hearth.

As I have already mentioned, we have launched into our Closed Beta test today. If you fancy a look, there’s already a whole ton of streamers playing the game on Twitch

Why have we developed Albion Online? We had the feeling that there was a lack of innovation in the MMO-market. In the past few years, there have been a lot of MMOs that did not take many risks and tried to copy the success of the MMO-top dog (we all know which one I mean). We want to take a different route with Albion Online. Thus we have implemented a whole lot of innovative gameplay solutions and elements which we will happily talk to you about today.

Additionally, Albion Online is at full PC-MMO taking the step towards mobile platforms. Yes, Albion Online is also playable on Android and (after release) iOS tablets – besides Windows-PC, Linux and Mac of course. Every player on one server in one world. We believe no other game offers this amount of Cheap Albion Online Gold. Our statement: we do not want to make just another mobile game, there’s already plenty of that. We want to bring a full PC-MMO also to mobile!

Is this a viable playing Albion Online strategy?

First, many thanks for your advice and the link to your recruitment thread. Your guild looks very compelling and intriguing to us. Let me tell you my thoughts about why my wife and I have gravitated toward playing on our own in virtually every Albion Online Power Leveling MMO we’ve played.

We love the joy of discovery and accomplishment, for us it is a huge part of the enjoyment of any game. We savor our first time in a dungeon, we consider it carefully and deliberatively and sample everything in it, and we celebrate finding our first cool loots We LOVE this part of the game. In the past, when we have joined with guilds (even the most mature, intelligently led ones), the first thing that happens is our hosts shower us with gifts. It’s very well intentioned and we appreciate the sentiment, but it completely robs us of the joy of our own accomplishments and cheapens everything thereafter. It is incredibly disappointing to loot something wonderful, only to realize that the Staff of Foozle given to me by the guild is better.

Then they take us on a “fast dungeon clear”, which winds up utterly spoiling the experience for us and leaving us wondering “WTF just happened”? Again, I understand that it is all extremely well-intentioned and serves the legitimate purpose of bringing strength to the guild efficiently and quickly. But it tramples on our own enjoyment of the experience. This is made worse by being required to use TS (which, I totally get should be required for situations requiring tactical finesse), which inevitably results in having to listen for hours to fart jokes or big boob discussions.

Finally, when we join a guild I inevitably find that my [Insert level designation here] level crafting skills are not needed because the guild already has 16 crafters doing exactly what I’m doing.

All of this has left us conflicted. We love the camaraderie of companionship, we enjoy socializing with others of like mind. But we are here to fully enjoy the experience and for us, that has always meant that we take our time uncovering every stone along the way, making our Cheap Albion Online Gold own path, finding our own goods, developing our own economic niche and honing it to perfection, and then, usually after we level cap and are well equipped, joining a guild we like if we can find one. We don’t like to guild hop, so we don’t generally join the first one we see, we like to get to know the server landscape before making a commitment. We are fiercely loyal once we’re on the team, but these days it’s a real crap shoot who you wind up with if you don’t do your homework first.

So that’s why we duo. Make sense? Are there good reasons I should reconsider in this new world?

Thanks again for all the thoughts in this thread.

Resources and territory Albion Online Dungeons

Greetings one and all,

I have not the experience of the Alpha. But were the areas always überfarmt so hopeless? So far, the game in the lower tiers feels very monotonous, because you just basically gnawed tree stumps, shredded cotton and flax plants, searches to fine sand milled rock debris and the bodies recently various NPCs into miserable remnants.

The dungeons are more or less empty and you catch yourself how rather like race by running through this, but yet to land in the hope of the first blow to the boss, if that is ever since. There are simply too many players for too few Cheap Albion Online Gold resources. I like to imagine me not at all, as is the actual release.

I would have given you some ideas how this can modify all without bringing the economy today.

1) Indivdualisierte resources

Each resource in the open game world is now available individually for each player. There is no competition when mining of wood, stone, metals or chasing animals. Now there is for each occurrence or usable animal a correspondingly long respawn time (may be calm up to 12 hours). In this way, is to seek an ambitious collector forced in a number of areas and does not need in an area favorable Respawngelegenheiten hoped. In this way, the collectors have even with rising numbers of players always something to do without worrying about crashing commodity prices. Thus, the availability of raw materials is a function of player population and thereby also the prices in a real variation depending on supply and demand. With the current system can be expected with increasing numbers of players with a shortage of certain raw materials, as well as frustration among newcomers who are beginning to rely on the gathering, but as good as find anything.

2) (PvP Dungeons Instanced Area Dungeons are therefore not meant!)
Even if that is seen as a “no go” for many open-world fetishist, I see so far no other option but to make use of an instantiation of the field Dungeons. Because so far they are likely to differ in their level of difficulty underground and from the farm fields on the regular menu hardly. My suggestion would be here each have a version for solo players and a variant for small groups, each with separate respawn (also up to 12 hours). In this way, people do not always hang in the same dungeon rum and becampen the Bossspawn but look different dungeons and seek appropriate groups for it. In this way the Dungeons give also a certain sense and to encourage Albion Online Gold group play and then also provide serious challenges for ambitious solo player when the corresponding difficulty agrees. For groups there could be a dynamic difficulty and loot bonus, depending on group size.