Feedback Rant in Albion

Hi all,

In this starting final beta, It s clear that in royal lands pvp is totaly dead…
I m not saying that criminal system is wrong, but it is too much penalizing… The only thing that is good, if you want to make experience in pvp, is the hellgate… It works very good, it is funny but sometimes if you want to do it, you must go around for hours and hours because they are overfarmed… And in a game like Albion cant be the only feature available to have a pvp experience without being a criminal.
So, why dont introduce new features to improve it?
Should be nice to create inside the maps some places surrounded by walls, where to fight against others players, without criminal system, for little rewards like extra resources…

For example:
-Every 30 mins 4 teams of 5 players max can enter inside the maps
– The 4 teams must fight before 2 vs 2 (first 15 mins) and after the 2 winner teams 1vs1 for the final (the 15 mins left)
– Who wins will receive 100 resources of the max tier of that territory, for example if you fight in a swamp from t4 to t6 every players will receive 100 cotton 100 wood and 100 hide
– A team can do it only every four hours
-Yellow zones no free loot, red zones free loot

Anyway every kind of PvP events that exclude criminal system should be very very very appreciated…
Last alphas and beta were definetely funnier with the possibility to do gvg with cap and pvp free in yellow zones… Now the game its too much limited…