Talking about Albion’s question about new things


Hardly slept thinking about the beginning of the final beta, because I love this game and the concept of it.

So I started playing thrilled and amazed with the new maps, the new tree learning, etc …
And when I got to lv3, equipment, etc …, I decided to join my friends who are on another island, almost in the center of it. So far so good.

But then I discover that I can not travel with luggage. ok I said, i understand, so I’m going with my equipment in the body (happiness), what? I can not either? I have to go naked? Really ? nnnnoooooo ….

So my happiness was to garbage, after realizing I would lose more than 30 or 40 minutes to go to my friends. Sorry but I lost the desire to play (at least for now hopefully).

Dear GM’s, I sincerely hope that this has been a part of your forgetfulness, because this way what I can find best albion online silver store.Sorry, the lamentation of someone who is very excited about this game, but…I understand that you do not want to transport resources by this means, but not be able to travel with equipment in the body is simply ridiculous. Or we travel with equipment, or not travel at all.

I don’t even play this game but I’ll help answer your question since no one else has addressed it:

It is not a mistake that you have experienced the inability to ‘fast travel?’ with your equipment.

This is Supposed to be the way the game works. Why? Well, the reason is that this game is built around the idea of having a realistically dangerous open-world pvp environment. The Developers have gone out of their way to get albion online silver that it is not an easy thing to move your stuff around the world. You are supposed to take the time required to both A. Travel to the valuable resources you wish to farm and B. Travel back and avoid dangers (other players, npcs etc.) along the way. That is the way the game is supposed to work.

Your problem: you started the game in an area away from your friends. Well, the only way for you to play with them is to take the time to run to them (essentially transporting your goods/equipment etc) through the dangerous environment.

Hope that clears things up for you.

P.S. I do believe some early game teleportation system is being developed to help with the new characters getting around.

Remember! You paid for and are playing a game that is still being developed! This is not a finished product and some things that should be easy to do have not been fully optimized for gameplay. Stick with it and things will get better (hopefully)