How to play Albion Online better.

Killmails being added is disappointing. I’ll admit, when I play games other than Eve, I get jonesing for a nice killmail after awhile, but…

I have a really nice looking killboard for Eve, and that gets in the way of my enjoyment of the game. My play is limited by the fact that I don’t want to ruin that good killboard.

Gear loss on death is an adequate penalty for dying. It’s perfect.

Killmails suck. Where killmails exist, killboards will be created.

Look at Eve where there is so much aversion to risk in some groups, where people get kicked out of corps and alliances over killmails. Where douchebags use Cheap Albion Online Gold to help them act like douchebags and humiliate newer or non-pvp players. Where people in some of the better pvp groups have more obligation to the alliance killboard than to their own enjoyment of the game.

Plus, killmails are an artificial source of intel.

Don’t bring all that to Albion. Make a game with brutal pvp, where your corpse is 100% lootable, but with no killmails. That will be the perfect game.
edit: also, look at Eve and how much time is spent by players out of game trying to keep their killboards up to date. API’s have improved that a ton, but still, it feels like an obligation to do mountains of paperwork. It’s not even fun, but you have to do it if you’re a pvper, or corp or alliance leader.

From what I can tell the particle effects on a weapon do not change with tier. So they could play with that and Capes, because if you’re sizing your opponent up by the size of their cape you’re probably doing something wrong.

There will be a Gold shop in Albion Online Silver

The premium model is our modern interpretation of a subscription.

So in case you have a subscription like in EVE at one point it is true or false. You either pay or you do NOT play at all.
Even worse, after 30 days (or whatever the trial period is) this happens with Albion Online Silver. So at one point in time you are put to make a decision.

Our premium account is a must for everyone who wants to play on a serious level.
But maybe you buy the game and you dont have time to play the first month a lot and then you are not suddenly kept out of the game.
Or you start slowly and you are not sure yet if you want to keep playing.

So it is a more soft approach on when and if you have to pay.
And like the others said already it is just making you progress significantly faster.

Thats all very pretty but the diff is: premium turn people off, as u can see in this thread. not to mention that not everybody will be paying a monthly fee, only extremelly casual players who cant afford to buy prem with silver or lazy players who cba to farm silver so they buy gold to trade it. So AOSilver doesnt see how thats any different from a cosmetic shop
Anyway, there will be a cosmetic shop in AO at some point as it has already been stated somewhere.

The basic cycle of Shadow Drain / Spinal Tap in Blade & Soul

I’ve both read and seen videos of Sins using the basic cycle of Shadow Drain / Spinal Tap -> SS -> 1 to kill Junghado via perma-stealth.

I have my own 1-minute kill using my own method here:… but I know it’s costing me ~10-15 seconds of time extra due to not doing the above method with BNS Gold. I got bored and wanted to see the fastest I could kill him, and I’m confident I could do it in ~40 seconds if I could somehow avoid the “cannot use under current conditions” Shadow Dash bug.

I’ve tried sprinting and RMB into him at start, tab swapping, you name it — Every single time at some point after the Spinal Tap -> SS/1 I’ll get the bug. Sometimes it happens first try, sometimes not until the second or third. Any idea on how to resolve this? Is it just a ping issue? I’m getting ~55-70 from the East Coast. I honestly don’t have any issues otherwise.

I’ve ironically shaved ~20 seconds off my time kill above (that was like 1:10, got it to :50) by doing another method I found while digging around here.

I guess you don’t even need to spinal tap him at all, you can literally just back away/ss and 1 right as stealth ends and never need to stun. Sometimes it bugs, but it’s not the “cannot use under these conditions” one, you actually Shadow Dash to him still, AND stealth, but it pops you out of stealth like 0.5 seconds later. Regardless, I got it to work for a full kill multiple times, where the spinal tap never worked.

I think the “cannot use” issue is related to latency. The reason I say this is that when I used to leave my AV on, and the AV chose to go full retard while I was playing with Blade & Soul Gold, my controls got very sluggish. When this used to happen, before i figured out that it was the AV, I would get that message all the time. Now that I turn off the AV, I never see that message anymore. Or at least, I’m certain I haven’t seen it a single time in at least my last 3 kills.

Blade And Soul: overcrowding will make prices drop

Overcrowding will make prices drop real quickly as well, which can be good if you’re buying as a headstarter but bad if you’re selling as a F2Per (or headstarter that didn’t do much).

For example, if you need a unseal charm and there is only one person selling them he can pretty much ask whatever he wants to Buy BNS Gold. If there are 500000000 people selling them, it’s pretty much worthless or goes for a set price far lower then in the first scenario.

More people can cause lag a bit.
More people can steal your mobs.
More people has many advantages and disadvantages really. You could be running around a server with 5 people and doing everything else cross server but whats the fun in that?

Technically most servers are started to fill up already, I’m on Spring whatever (EU, check my profile thingie, i keep forgetting the name :P) and its pretty darn busy already. There was NO QUEUE though, I got in the moment I finished my character.
The only servers that are MOST LIKELY less crowded are the GER/FR specific servers, because, well, they’re mainly for german and french speaking people. Of course people might migrate there if other servers get too crowded hehe.

Yes, ppl dont know what happen with F5, F8 and F9, they are all crossing sever. Some of the advantages of populated sv is u can find a guild more easily, have more friends. But a big disadvantage is when the lv 50 content comes out with faction area (which can be the best way to earn BNS Gold) u will need to compete with a lot of ppl by ur dps in order to get box drop from… for example wild boar. I myself choose the least populated sv to play with my friends.

Blade & Soul: NCSoft’s Display of Great Effort

Luckily, after the slight failure of Wildstar, NCSoft has come to its senses and we can now see the Korean developer and publisher focusing on making it up for the delay.
Since Blade & Soul’s western launch we have seen a good deal of updates implemented, and the MMORPG can be considered highly active. In just a few months, it has managed to build up a firm player base who seem to be loyal to the game.

The arrival of the Warlock class already hinted that NCSoft is going to focus most of its efforts on catching up with the Korean version content-wise BNS Gold, hence satisfying the western players. At first, I had my doubts whether Blade & Soul Gold would be able to handle the early 2016 competition with titles like Black Desert and Asta arriving in the west, but thanks to the fact that players already found ways to play on Asian servers beforehand, Blade & Soul had an already significant player base by the time it had launched in the NA and EU regions.

If NCSoft manages to keep up this community-pleasing attitude, I am well convinced that Blade & Soul will remain a highly popular game for years to come. There is still a good deal of classes that are yet to be released and I am pretty sure there will also be plenty of level cap-raising expansions in the future. From my personal experience, EU players seem to be loving the game as a whole and I am sure the NA community also feels the same way. The only thing that needs to be taken care of right now are the script using cheaters in PvP and the bots, but that is an issue that most MMORPGs generally suffer from.

How do you guys like the game so far? Feel free to tell us about your experiences below.

How Do You Feel About Blade And Soul Servers

From a pool of 2500 people (Unless you meant 25,000?), when some servers hold over 3000+ people in other MMO. I recall Ragnarok Online holding over 11,000 on the server Chaos, back in 2001-2002.
World of Warcraft servers held 3000-7000 players each (Latter being prime hours).

I am more worried about those other servers with low population. Assuming we end up with a full server, will they lock it up like most MMO do and allow people to transfer for free for BNS Gold, while people re-distribute themselves on the other servers? Or will this be the typical Korean MMO deal of “let it sort itself”?
‘Cause if the latter… we have a serious problem.

If NCSOFT is reading this, as they normally do, I would like to chip in the suggestion of mega servers. Though I am sure this is likely already in their minds.

I dont think that matters. Well atleast for eu. But you gotta remember if there is 25k characters made in total, you can probably say the real player count is around 60% of that or something because people reserved 2 names.

What comes to the initiate ppl joining today and f2p players later, i dont think premium ppl will face any real ques because of them. Iniative people dont have premium and they will sit in separated que.

Blade And Soul Is An Amazing Game

Hello fellow players I’ve something to talk about this amazing game that i will never be able to play. Being an Australian it is normal to have an excess of 200 ping but normally manageable on games like gw2,dragon nest and vindictus. However i believe that i and probably most Aussies will never get a chance to experience this game like Americans/Europeans.

This game is great and probably one of the best games i’ve ever had the pleasure of playing. But thats where it stops the thought that i will never be on the same playing field as Americans infuriates Blade And Soul Gold. I can get 3 hits during a cc and thats pushing it, 99% of the time i can only fit 2 hits in before i need to knock up my oppenent. And then i look at and american hitting up to 1.5x-2x my speed and dealing a substantial amount of increased damage than i.

But thats not all trinkets (cc break) and parries are insanely hard to predict and or time. the small window between getting cc’d by a bm where you can cc break isn’t there for Austrlians. And with there comments by NCFOST about about no oce servers even with our petitions and our substantial player base down here and it make me extremely angry. 3 days ago i played the best game of my life and today i need to give it up because they do not see the $$$ down here in Australia. So gg NCSOFT on an amazing but no Australian will ever get the enjoyment or be on the same playing field as an american thanks.

Not everyone gets to enjoy everything in the same way at the same time. If you had started this project in the US, you would have continued it the same as NCSoft has. They have a lot of money rolling in and I can guarantee the success will lead to FURTHER expansion of servers

Yeh PvE will be fine with any game with constant 200-250 but it makes me extremely sad to be in such cheap Blade And Soul Power leveling. The lag in clearly visible and insanely annoying to play around predicting stuns and engages can be hard but not impossible however the fact the i can not fit in nearly as much dmg in a cc window/chain breaks my heart. if im a great assassin vs a good assassin with 30 ping they genuinely have a decent chance of like 65-35% chance of beating me and me being a good assassin vs another good assassin with 30 ping leaves be very little error windows and puts me at a great disadvantage in the match.