Improving the Invite a Friend system

As it stands right now I have two major issues with the way the “Invite your Friends” process is handled. My main concern is with the fact that when my friends access through my referral link or through e-mail (I have checked both) they only get redirected to the homepage with no visual indication that they are being referred in any way. They should be taken to a registration screen where they also have a small visual representation like: “X is referring you”. Right now my friends are holding back on their founders pack purchases because they are unsure if they are actually being referred.

The actual recruitment message you send out through e-mail is 100% automated. The only change you do is your name. Now this might seem silly to most but the e-mail looks awfully lot like those mass-produced “Come to play our facebook game” kinda thing. Giving us the options of filling in our own recruitment message would let us add a personal touch to them and also make them feel more welcome to the game from the get-go.

I know these seem like small and insignificant changes, but this is about the first impression people have of the AO experience (Actually registering). So it should feel intuitive. Thank you for listening to my rant and have a nice day!

High end resources are very rare. On top of that, the transmutator is designed to be a high end silver sink. So it’s working as intended.

Note that the silver you intend to use for transmutation – even if you buy it with gold – has been gathered by other players, so is in limited supply.

I highly doubt that you could currently spend 2000 dollars on gold and swap it into silver without totally crashing the gold market, as I do not think that other players have enough silver to sell. (and if you did, you would pay other player’s premium accounts for a very long time indeed, as you’d really drive down gold prices)

Also, tier 6.4 is crazy high, I would be very surprised if any guild could currently field that type of gear on a consistent basis. Even if you could, the question is whether you should, given how hard it is to replace.