Trying out the Blade & Soul Korean version back in 2012

I knew the problems that would emerge and the issues we would face; anyone with an idea of how MMO work knew it. What’s more, those with experience with NCSOFT, knew what they were getting into, specially after the mess that was AION’s launch.

So yes, my expectations? Very low to put it mildly.

For this reason, after trying out the Korean version back in 2012, I decided to stop and not even glance at the content, so that in the event of some miracle occuring and the game actually releasing in NA, I wouldn’t be burned out.
This has paid off in turn.
I am actually enjoying this as much as dare I say, I enjoyed vanilla WOW (Those of you who played WOW back then, know what the feeling is like).

It’s far, far from perfect. There is a dozen things I can list that could use some adjusting/fixing.
But at the end of the day, it’s still a good game… with poor management behind (NCSOFT). Though, realistically, the development team and NCSOFT themselves are currently in an understandly difficult situation, given the choice of engine they made for Blade And Soul Gold, the payment method and the way servers work (I am refering to poor performance for powerful systems, absurd amount of RTM and queues due to F2P model and further issues due to lack of mega server technology, which is a standard now a days).

You’re not mistaken and I see this post as a concerned player, you are worried about the game and you have every right to be since the release for it was delayed for ages. I’ve been playing this game for far too long but still have the fuel to keep playing it, I think it’s because I like to explore every nook and cranny of the world (and end up in places I shouldn’t lol) although when you say you feel like it’s starting to feel stale? I don’t blame you. The wait got the majority of the community burnt out and some had the courage to push on and wait, I’m one of those who held on and true enough it ended up coming to our shores.

I am WAY more hype about this game than I thought I’d ever be. Blade-Soul heard about it 08/09, lurked on this site, and went though 45 levels on China version w/English patch. And I’m an old fart. So I thought I was basically done with this game, having not played it in a year. But when I started the NA version on Day 1… idk I guess the year off helped, I’m looking forward to playing through to 45 AGAIN in English, with good ping (kfm.. yeah china sucked), I look forward to logging in every night, and stay up way later than I should.

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