Blade And Soul: overcrowding will make prices drop

Overcrowding will make prices drop real quickly as well, which can be good if you’re buying as a headstarter but bad if you’re selling as a F2Per (or headstarter that didn’t do much).

For example, if you need a unseal charm and there is only one person selling them he can pretty much ask whatever he wants to Buy BNS Gold. If there are 500000000 people selling them, it’s pretty much worthless or goes for a set price far lower then in the first scenario.

More people can cause lag a bit.
More people can steal your mobs.
More people has many advantages and disadvantages really. You could be running around a server with 5 people and doing everything else cross server but whats the fun in that?

Technically most servers are started to fill up already, I’m on Spring whatever (EU, check my profile thingie, i keep forgetting the name :P) and its pretty darn busy already. There was NO QUEUE though, I got in the moment I finished my character.
The only servers that are MOST LIKELY less crowded are the GER/FR specific servers, because, well, they’re mainly for german and french speaking people. Of course people might migrate there if other servers get too crowded hehe.

Yes, ppl dont know what happen with F5, F8 and F9, they are all crossing sever. Some of the advantages of populated sv is u can find a guild more easily, have more friends. But a big disadvantage is when the lv 50 content comes out with faction area (which can be the best way to earn BNS Gold) u will need to compete with a lot of ppl by ur dps in order to get box drop from… for example wild boar. I myself choose the least populated sv to play with my friends.