Blade & Soul IDK how Ncwest is going to handle it

We are on a lvl 50 patch with a lvl 45 cap but Babbletr0n told us we will have hongmoon levels which gives us MORE skill points for those hongmoon skills that require achievements to be done to unlock at our current lvl 45 cap.

Thing is, this was changed so much so idk which skill it’s going to be.

Old patch, we had to kill 5 bosses around the misty forest map that dropped this ‘food’ item we need to eat that had a super low drop rate, you’ll definitely be farming that boss for hours.

Another skill, we had to use a certain skill on the bosses: Poh, grandpa (BSH boss) and Naksun– This skill had to KILL them in order to get the achievement done, at least Blade And Soul Gold. Meaning, you’d had to run that dungeon 10 times and tell everyone in the party to stop hitting it so you can kill boss with your skill. But this was changed in the 50 patch recently so all you had to do was hit the boss with said skill 10 times, instead of killing it with it.

Another skill requires 5,000 zen beans to unlock, only obtained from pvp of course.

And the other was from 4-man BSH. Skill book drop. (Which is sellable I think)

But as I mentioned before, this was all from the old lvl 45 patch. But since we’re on 50, this might… change a bit.
It all depends on how they’re going to handle it.

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