The basic cycle of Shadow Drain / Spinal Tap in Blade & Soul

I’ve both read and seen videos of Sins using the basic cycle of Shadow Drain / Spinal Tap -> SS -> 1 to kill Junghado via perma-stealth.

I have my own 1-minute kill using my own method here:… but I know it’s costing me ~10-15 seconds of time extra due to not doing the above method with BNS Gold. I got bored and wanted to see the fastest I could kill him, and I’m confident I could do it in ~40 seconds if I could somehow avoid the “cannot use under current conditions” Shadow Dash bug.

I’ve tried sprinting and RMB into him at start, tab swapping, you name it — Every single time at some point after the Spinal Tap -> SS/1 I’ll get the bug. Sometimes it happens first try, sometimes not until the second or third. Any idea on how to resolve this? Is it just a ping issue? I’m getting ~55-70 from the East Coast. I honestly don’t have any issues otherwise.

I’ve ironically shaved ~20 seconds off my time kill above (that was like 1:10, got it to :50) by doing another method I found while digging around here.

I guess you don’t even need to spinal tap him at all, you can literally just back away/ss and 1 right as stealth ends and never need to stun. Sometimes it bugs, but it’s not the “cannot use under these conditions” one, you actually Shadow Dash to him still, AND stealth, but it pops you out of stealth like 0.5 seconds later. Regardless, I got it to work for a full kill multiple times, where the spinal tap never worked.

I think the “cannot use” issue is related to latency. The reason I say this is that when I used to leave my AV on, and the AV chose to go full retard while I was playing with Blade & Soul Gold, my controls got very sluggish. When this used to happen, before i figured out that it was the AV, I would get that message all the time. Now that I turn off the AV, I never see that message anymore. Or at least, I’m certain I haven’t seen it a single time in at least my last 3 kills.