Blade & Soul printable text version

I decided to test the recently popular 1-45 in 15 hours leveling guide by Hakurai, and I found it to be slightly if not better than some other leveling guides out there. And incase you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s the video :
Spoiler Show

So I decided to make a text version of it, since it’s easier to follow text during the actual leveling process than watching a video at the same time, esp. when you’re not using dual monitor. The guide is publicly available here.

The conversion took me quite sometime to make, and I originally intended for it to be for myself and my friends. But I changed my mind. Since headstart is just mere hours away, I decided that this is something better off shared Blade And Soul Gold. I’ve also talked to Hakurai about sharing this in dojo, and he didn’t seem to mind. Bear in mind that the original credit for the guide goes to him. I’m just the one who did the typing.

This guide is not for everyone, especially not for new players. Infact, after trying out this myself, I strongly suggest that you do not use the guide unless you just want to get to cap as fast as possible, skipping the main story, skipping some amount of coins you gain from doing the earlier quests, etc. And yes, this will remove a major portion of your enjoyment of the game in relation to leveling, so only use it if you’re absolutely sure.

I was planning to put this in the guide subforum, but there were no generic type of ‘guide’ sub there, and while this guide mostly involves quest paths, it’s not really a ‘quest guide’ and covers a lot more than that; also being this close to headstart, I opted to post this here. But I’ll leave it to the mods on whether this subforum is appropriate.

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