Blade And Soul Is An Amazing Game

Hello fellow players I’ve something to talk about this amazing game that i will never be able to play. Being an Australian it is normal to have an excess of 200 ping but normally manageable on games like gw2,dragon nest and vindictus. However i believe that i and probably most Aussies will never get a chance to experience this game like Americans/Europeans.

This game is great and probably one of the best games i’ve ever had the pleasure of playing. But thats where it stops the thought that i will never be on the same playing field as Americans infuriates Blade And Soul Gold. I can get 3 hits during a cc and thats pushing it, 99% of the time i can only fit 2 hits in before i need to knock up my oppenent. And then i look at and american hitting up to 1.5x-2x my speed and dealing a substantial amount of increased damage than i.

But thats not all trinkets (cc break) and parries are insanely hard to predict and or time. the small window between getting cc’d by a bm where you can cc break isn’t there for Austrlians. And with there comments by NCFOST about about no oce servers even with our petitions and our substantial player base down here and it make me extremely angry. 3 days ago i played the best game of my life and today i need to give it up because they do not see the $$$ down here in Australia. So gg NCSOFT on an amazing but no Australian will ever get the enjoyment or be on the same playing field as an american thanks.

Not everyone gets to enjoy everything in the same way at the same time. If you had started this project in the US, you would have continued it the same as NCSoft has. They have a lot of money rolling in and I can guarantee the success will lead to FURTHER expansion of servers

Yeh PvE will be fine with any game with constant 200-250 but it makes me extremely sad to be in such cheap Blade And Soul Power leveling. The lag in clearly visible and insanely annoying to play around predicting stuns and engages can be hard but not impossible however the fact the i can not fit in nearly as much dmg in a cc window/chain breaks my heart. if im a great assassin vs a good assassin with 30 ping they genuinely have a decent chance of like 65-35% chance of beating me and me being a good assassin vs another good assassin with 30 ping leaves be very little error windows and puts me at a great disadvantage in the match.