Ranged have much easier life on Blade And Soul PvE

They will not do anything, open world was and always be ranged class friendly and anti-melee due to all aoes, low fps and no chance for evasion due to fast animations or that they follow one aoe after another. The pig boss though is normal, melee can easily survive, but the terror look-a-like one……..Well, I consider myself lucky if I don’t die to it. And you can’t just back up and heal up, because then you might not do enough damage for drop, sometimes you get even locked for longer time in combat.

EDIT: People talked that soulstone plains was suppose to be the infinite source of soulstones, but question should be “to who?”

I play as FM too and i usually laugh to my melee friends on soulstone plains. Just that “best friends” laugh, u know:) Problem is theres so many players with Blade And Soul Gold. On Windrest we usually used channel 1-3, but theres too many players on that event, so bosses (except final one) going down really fast and melees cant do theyr dmg especially on final boar, because of his charge attacks. I usually stick with my guild and friends and go on less ppl channel and make our event there.
But, as u said. Ranged have much easier life on PvE:)

As it is now, doing all that zerg content does not feel rewarding at all if you don’t get any loot most of the time even if you miraculously manage to survive. Also, with that dmg system, players with good stuff (and the right class) get even more stuff while everyone else is just there for statistics/ fodder/ fps drops (I don’t mind well geared ppl getting shiny stuff as a reward for their gearing effort, but not giving anything to those who cannot do as much damage -or play their character a bit more supportive even- makes the gap even bigger, plus it promotes anti-social play – you don’t take your time to ress someone, because you lose damage etc).

Well I think this needs to change as well, but for a slightly different reason.

The bosses are supposed to be open world PVP bosses which the other factions is supposed to try to stop you from taking. The way the system is now no one is going to want to leave the boss to help defend their faction for fear of not doing enough damage on the boss and not getting a drop at the end.

This really isn’t a problem now as bosses are pretty much a one faction affair at the moment as the other faction simply moves to another channel for Blade And Soul Power leveling all of their own, however, once infernal battlefield is officially released this could become more of a problem as people will need to farm prestige points. I’d like to see the damage on the boss spread across a party, that way some people in a party can focus on defending while others focus on dps’ing the boss and those defending (arguably the harder job) would still have a chance at a reward.