Current tier Albion Online Items relatively inexpensive

I like vashangelarm’s approach a lot better, using lower tier items for making higher tier items. it will be one of the few ways to go where the actual end products are required and I think the actual only working way.

That said I don’t think that necessarily has to be a bad aspect if economically strong groups progress faster, especially as the whole gap reduction between casual and heavily invested players seems silly and unrealistic to me anyways .. but this will extend this gap even further, for good or ill. Casual players will never be able to really catch up to the hardcore players anyways, so why even try? Having them advance further, only means that lower tier items will become way less expensive, providing a benefit for these casual players as well, because they get their current tier Albion Online Items relatively inexpensive, providing them with easily accessible gear to shred even if they want to lose a lot of it in activities like pvp without having to worry about extremely expensive and competitive prices like the players in the top tiers are often facing.

Here is a good way to get the economy back on track. Bring back newbs dieing in green AlbionMall breaking there gear TRASH. keeps newbs re buying t4 and under.Make Yellow zones able to also have your gear TRASHED not just durability hits. like it was in alphas. makes t4-6 people have to re buy gear.Instead of having a infinite amount of chances to Re roll. how about giving the user say 30 dice rolls of SAFTY rolls nothing happening to there gear but once 30 Rolls have been executed then the chance of ur armor trashing is there. Like any other crafting in most games Or Enchanting. there has to be risk to be better than others.

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