Our goal is for Albion Online to be a long term success

I’m happy to see the loss of F2P even if it is only temporary.

However, you’ve said some of these things before and they still have not been implemented over quite a large time frame. Can we expect some of these changes soon? It seems odd for things to always be “in the works” while the game is continually delayed. While it can work for a time, in the long run people lose interest.

I’ll be interested to see what is coming in the Jan. 13th release. Hopefully it is substantial.

now that the closed beta test is in full swing, we have a very important announcement to make.
The closed beta will be extended until at least 1st August 2016
The game will not be free to play at launch
Our goal is for Albion Online to be a long term success, therefore, we only want to release the game when it is truly up to its potential. The extension of the closed beta period will allow us to make significant improvements to the game.

For this reason, we are putting the free to play plans on hold as well. Making the game ready for a free to play model would take up significant development time which we would much rather use to make a better game. Free to play would also create a lot of risks for the game – spamming, botting, world too small, etc – which we do not want to take if it can be avoided.

When the game goes live, current founder’s packs will be discontinued and replaced with starter packs, which will give access to the game but offer Cheap Albion Online Gold for money than the founder’s packs as this is only fair to all founders who help us in making the game.

We are truly overwhelmed by the success of Albion Online thus far and would like to thank all of your for your ongoing support and feedback. Together, we will make sure that Albion Online will be a great game made to last.