If Albion Online was truly meant to be a PvP game

As someone that joined during current beta, it was strange to me when they changed the fame requirements. It just shows that even the core mechanics of the game are not finished. It makes arguments valid.Now do I believe that some parts of the game should be changed from fundamentals? Ohhh yes. The problem is, something that I might feel is good idea, someone else will think otherwise. The problem is that SBI cant satisfy the expectations of everyone, and currently they are trying to do that. They should stick to their Albion Online Powerleveling and believe in their game more, rather than changing the same mechanics multiple times.

Despite their original vision, maybe they realised that they need wider appeal to make the game financially viable. Despite what you think, theyre not designing this game to make you happy … they are doing it to make money. Shifting the focus is perfectly acceptable if they feel it will give the game longevity. And before you harp on about broken promises, they are quite entitled to change the game in any way THEY see fit. Its not your game.

If this game was truly meant to be a PvP game then it would have a passive character skill progression system similar to that of EVE’s where you don’t have to grind NPCs to get into PvP action. As it is, PvE is a huge part of this game. The fact that it is such a big part and it is so boring and unrewarding is what causes so much concern for the PvE side of the game.

If they are furthermore ignoring this, and autopiloting in their roadmap, i have more and more Cheap Albion Online Gold that this will not end well. I dont mind the 99 $ i have spend, i love to support ideas, but even for me it is a little disappointing to see that they introduce more or less “gimmicks” while ignoring the core problemes of the current game.