We want to give some Albion Online background information.

Hi all,

one of the most discussed topics in the Albion Online community is if and when a wipe will take place. In this thread, we want to give some background information.

We have announced the following:
There will be a wipe at the end of closed beta. Closed beta will last at least until 1st August 2016
There will be one wipe during closed beta
There might even be more then one wipe during closed beta, but not if we can avoid it
We are still not able to announce when exactly the wipe during closed beta will take place. However, what we can share is the Albion Online Items that would need to be satisfied for a wipe to make sense.
The game needs to be sufficiently different than the game version we started the closed beta with almost 3 months ago
In particular, the issues of the game relating to progression, mob and resource distribution and availability of content need to be properly fixed. This goes beyond just changing fame values for the destiny board. While we have come along way here since the start of closed beta, not all changes we have planned to this area of the game are done yet. Check our state of the game post for further info.
On top of that, we have announced the creation of a brand new, immersive game world. This will include a much improved resource distribution, more variation, more unique player cities and different biomes and climate zones. This is more than just cosmetic, as it will also have our new red zones with a crime and reputation alongside a large new continent consisting entirely of black zones. These changes will make red zone the go to zones for smaller scale PvP fights while the new black zones will be perfect for guilds duking it out on a large scale.
In order for a wipe to be meaningful, the above changes would have to be made to the game, at least in early stages. Why?