Enhance, test, polish, and change the Albion Online for the better

Any motivation I have to progress further tier wise is gone; I just play to PvP at this point and to hang out in TS with my guildmates I’ve known for ages. With that said, I am looking forward to the changes being implemented and a wipe before getting back into the entirety of the game again.In my experience when you play a game for years before official release then you lose your Albion Online Gold to be as objective as someone experiencing it from a fresh perspective. Latching onto a play style and then being resistant to change is mostly human nature, so I get it. I’m not telling you to change your stance but it would be less stressful for you if you did. Alphas and Betas exist in order to enhance, test, polish, and change the game for the better (in the developers eyes).

It’s hard to play in the games current state, there’s nothing to do but grind, and the grind isn’t even worth it due to the reward not making a big of a difference anddddd it will also get wiped. So it’s like just chilling and waiting till start of the next beta or a great patch.Well all of you saying you are bored I don’t think you are going to be interested in the final Albion Online Powerleveling of the game. It’s clear to me the game is all about GVG. So if you are wanting a solo dungeon farming game this is not the game for you.

If you can’t have fun with the large open world PVP and GVG’s then i would just recommended another game. As this isn’t a themepark MMO that is going to add a new dungeon for all of you to farm for a couple days until you get bored again and leave.

I am with you guys on the crafting/gathering. I do it just mainly to keep myself supplied for PVP. Which is the part of the game I enjoy. But really if you not into current style of PVP i would strongly recommend you go to another game. As the core mechanics aren’t going to change otherwise might as well just say its going be albion 2 as changing something like that takes a significant amount of Cheap Albion Online Gold.Core mechanics don’t change through betas.