Albion Online players have global access to information regarding prices


When players have global access to information regarding prices, they will come to expect all markets to adhere to those globalized prices. While we cannot solve this issue with perfection, we can at least make it decent by remove fast travel and requesting that people either talk inside the game, outside the game or use Albion Online Items that store and present market information outside of the game.


When all players have access to the same resources near every town, the possible production is equalized and there is less AlbionMall for variations in both price and availability. Removing fast travel will make no difference to this issue on it’s own, but keeping fast travel after changing the map to introduce resource disparity will partially negate the value of that resource disparity.


When a game has production that is limited to the player entities that has sufficient skills there is room for diversity on the market based on the localization of those skills. With the current fast travel, this localization becomes a globalization which not only makes the prices on the market reflect the top-tier producers, but also effectively shuts out small-time and mid-tier production as the top-tier uses fast travel to move their skills and produce in local markets.


In albion, the ability to farm specific resources depends on the availability of the tools or weapons that are strong enough to do so. With fast travel, those tools are globalized since the skills can travel at negliable Cheap Albion Online Silver cost and the lack of resource disparity allows the skills to be equally effective in every market. Should we remove fast travel, the necessary tools to farm high-tier material will become one of the many goods that merchant will be able to peddle for profit.


In a localized game world where there is a significant cost to travel, demand remains localized and depends on the populations skills and AOSilver choices. Some towns might have more players who use tomes, or more players who uses torches than other towns, which opens up the opportunity for the enterprising merchant to find other towns with the reverse conditions and equalize those markets for profit. Due to fast travel though, the demand as it is now simply travels to wherever the supply is and buys it there.

Removing fast travel, will generally speaking, boost the trading productivty by allowing traders to have an actually issue to solve. Furthermore, it will increase the appearant size of the world and set the basis for the coming biomes and cultural differences between the continenrs, cities and zones. As long as we have fast travel, the world will appear small, repetetive and non-artistic.