Scouts in Albion Online

Briefly, yes scouts are frustrating. But if there is incentive for a player to make an offshore account strictly to help their guild, then that is an indication to me that there is an underlying problem with the current build of the game. Zone-based games will always have scouts. With larger zones and more entrance points, scouts became way less of a necessity and more of a burden. We have to understand that like the real world, players will always be one step ahead of the developers when it comes to balancing.

Take away zone counters all together also. That is just silly. Also, take away zone entry bubbles that last for more than 5 seconds in full-PvP lands and hardcore lands. Enter at your own Albion Online Items. You wont find me gate camping, ever, because that is boring and requires zero skill. Again, with larger zones and more entry points, this is less of an issue.

No arenas or anything that takes away from the MMO feel
I am entirely against having any other PvP system that outside open world PvP, and guild vs. guild PvP. Even the idea of creating other systems for players who want to PvP, only point to the fact that obviously there is a current flaw within the game. What is needed is to create more incentive for players to engage themselves in open world PvP. This is Albion Online, not Path of Exile. Continue reading…

Guild Territories and Castles (like in Darkfall Online)
What made Darkfall Online successful in its own right, and is why it is still my most favorite title of all time, is because of the fact that guilds could thrive and prosper together. The guild castle system was incredible. They were constant hotspots for PvP and could be attacked at anytime, and sieged at anytime with advanced notice. When a guild castle was sieged, an extremely large PvP battle followed that sometimes lasted hours.

Guilds worked so hard for their castles, that they defended them at all costs. Mostly by creating mega alliances that inevitably brought in-game politics to a whole new light. If the hardcore lands in the new continents are actually implemented, such a scenario is possible. Even if the zones aren’t larger, it is still feasible. Each zone would have one guild castle that would require resources to build and upgrade. It would be large enough to have every refining and crafting station built. The walls and towers can be built and upgraded and yes, ultimately destroyed at a tremendous cost.

I was quite disappointed in AO that my guildmates and I could not just venture on to a guild’s territory and create havoc. There was absolutely no incentive for this either. Having six or eight guild territories in one zone is pointless. There isn’t any room to add points of interests like raid bosses and dungeons with the help of Albion Online Power Leveling. Adding points of interest encourage guilds to move in, which encourage other guilds to siege it so they can have it instead.

Addictive PvP is about warfare and conflict. Not trolling around the lands looking for people to gank. If I want to fight, I am either going to look for a fight or create one. I would really like to see this implemented, although I do understand it may not be in the direction of SI. The current castle system is currently interesting. But time will tell. It is certainly going to take more than a one month alpha to find the right fit.

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