Combat Improvements of Albion Online

We will make significant improvements to the combat experience, both to PvE and PvP

Items and Abilities
Revisit all items and abilities, and make the required balance adjustments.
Introduce new abilities to existing items
Introduce new items (including some extra rare ones!)

Have more AoE abilities
Give small radius AoE effects to many abilities
Let AoE abilities scale with the number of players to Buy Albion Online Gold i.e. if you hit 2 people, both get 300 damage. If you hit 3 people, all three get 400 damage, etc. Same logic for AoE crowd control spells

Show zergs on mini-map if and only if they have more than X players (X to be determined)

Research project: investigate whether we can have a smart, algorithm based system that gives a debuff to zerg groups if they become too large. The main problem here is that it would need to be done in such a way that it cannot be circumvented.

Mobs and Bosses
Have more interesting mob and boss fights.
Better and more varied abilities on bosses and mobs.
Phases for bosses, requiring more specific tactics in order to beat them.
In-built Anti-Zerg features for bosses, such as powerful and scaling AoE spells

Boost PvP
We want to offer more good reasons to players to venture into the PvP zones.

Open world PvP events:
The idea here is that something happens in the world at a certain amount of time that encourages open world PvP, without however incentivising zerging.

To give you an example of the concept: say at 18:00 server time, we let one chest spawn in each red PvP zone. There is a notifier that the chests have spawned.
The chests are locked for 10 minutes. After that, they can be opened, but it takes 60 seconds to open them and any damage take will cancel the opening of the chest.
As each red zone will have a chest at the same time, zerging will (hopefully) be kept in check.

On top of that, we are considering to change the way castle fights work and also might be introducing world bosses that spawn at certain intervals.

Hell Gates
There is a random chance that a demon will spawn on the map.

The demon is designed for groups of 5 players, and there is different types of demon, from easy to hard. If you kill it, it will spawn a portal.

Only the group who killed the demon (up to a maximum number of 5) can enter.
You will enter a dungeon which will lead to a boss, if you kill it, you get loot/special resources (exclusive to hell gates), and an exit spawns.

So far, so good. Now to the really cool part: Hell gates can be connected and have multiple entrances. So it might be that while you are clearing the hell gate, you will encounter another group of 5 people with the same goal in mind. They will have entered the dungeon via an entirely different entrance that could in theory by at any part of the world.

The reason why we think this is cool is the following: i) it will encourage small groups of 5 to constantly roam the map, looking for demons to kill in order to spawn a hell gate ii) it allows us to set up structured PvP encounters that are 5vs5, without the risk of zerging iii) But: it is not even certain that you will actually encounter another group inside the hell gate with Cheap Albion Online Gold, so there is always some tension in the air. To avoid any confusion: if you exit the hellgate, you will always return to the region that you came from.

New resources exclusive to PvP zones: Please see below