Albion Online War Camp

There are a couple possible solutions I’ve thought of.

First when defending from a war camp your 24 hour cool down should never be reset
Secondly the price of attacking from a war camp needs to be significantly higher. At least 1-2 million. Not as much as to cripple small guilds with a huge sum but enough to prevent guilds from attacking their own territories. Considering the fact guilds need at least 5 million worth of gear to even be competitive in a GvG right now it should be on the higher end

While we are at it there should be a 24 or 48 hour timer on being able to fight GvGs if you just joined a guild. This will prevent people from joining/leaving guilds to fight other guilds battles

Lastly a guild needs to be at least 5 members in order to place a GvG attack
I’m not sure if this is on your agenda for changes by the 13th but it is definately a important element to the game that is currently being exploited from its original purpose.

I’ll explain the rational on point 2 a little further because in theory I actually agree with you. It should be extremely inexpensive for a new guild to try and claim terriotory. However In practice though the 200,000 Albion Online Silver is more harmful to small guilds and more beneficial to larger guilds.

There are two seperate ways war camps aren’t working as intended. On one side the purpose is for small guilds to be able to conquer a territory but however almost all war camps are only used by larger guilds to attack other large guilds in order to not lose defender bonuses to territories. I think we both agree this was not the intended mechanic. You suggest that only guilds without territories can attack but this is easy to go around. It is extremely inexpensive to make temporary guilds that can be used to fight for the these territories and hand them over to the main guild. This also won’t tackle the even bigger problem of guilds creating alt guilds to “defend” their territories by attacking themselves and not showing up for attacks. Most major guilds have realized this exploit but once ALL guilds realize this then there will be ZERO chance for warcamps be used by small guilds. If SBI doesn’t take a stance on this then it is a shout out to all the guilds in Albion that it is intended. If SBI says this is allowed I guarantee you Aegis will have this down like clockwork and it will be impossible for us to be attacked.

Since there are so many loopholes to how war camps work and there isn’t a good way to make it so exploits in some form can’t exist the best possible thing is to try and find ways to deter it from happening. I personally believe it has to come in the form of raising the price.

Currently some guilds spend upwards of 3 million just to keep their war camps near them from being used. Now imagine if they had to pay 15-30 million a day. I think they would rather fight the GvGs with the help of great Albion Online Items. On the other side 1-2 million Albion Online Silver is not a lot to ask a guild to pay in the current economy. Fighting for a territory isn’t something every guild should to be afford everyday. It’s something that has to be worked for. Plus in the current economy you need at least bare minimum of 20 or so 4.3 sets to be able to even compete against pretty much every guild and for some you need 5.3 and 6.3 sets. The amount of gear needed for a GvG is probably 3-15 million worth of AO Silver which makes the 200k cost to attack laughable. The cost of attack should be on par with the Albion Online Silver required.