The Different Materials in Albion Online

If we define materials returned from craft as the market value of the crafted item divided by the market value of the materials required to craft that item, then it’s important that the fame from dissecting exceeds the material returned from craft times the fame earned from craft, or the incentive will be to not use this new function.

Since the prices on the market fluctuate, this feature will be hard to balance and depending on how much PvP is done in the world and how large the continously incoming playerbase passing by the tier of the given items are Albion Online Gold, it might just end up unused. If it’s balanced to ensure that it will not be unused, we might instead end up with a playerbase unable to buy the gear and being forced into crafting.

Overall, the issue of too-much-gear-on-the-market is a low-priority and a problem that’s not that bad too have.

You should’ve looked into other ways to make crafters valuable, such as locking the re-roll function to the crafters of the items and make it cost materials. That would solve the same issue but wouldn’t introduce unnecessary P2W functions and the equal artificial low demand from making players chose not to sell their gear since they might want the fame instead.

Quality of gear is the factor that should matter, not quantity. It’s great to have a market with lots of lowquality gear that is che@p due to Buy Albion Online Gold, but limit the high quality gear to expensive prices.

Immersion / Logic wise it would make more sense to actually allow people to learn / get fame by training on other people’s swords first, until say 50% and then they have to continue crafting the swords yourself.

It’s naturally much easier to take something apart and learn from it than actually build something from scratch.

So I’d suggest allowing training on other people’s products until the threshold. I’d also say don’t make it completely stop giving fame at a certain perc