Some Changes in Albion Online

Destiny Board Rework
Re-Worked Destiny Board fame requirements and fame gained from actions. Progression beyond T4 should now be significantly easier. Also reworked the structure of the gathering and refining trees. Any fame gained towards your achievements will be converted into the new system.

Mob Fame Rework
Mob fame no longer depends on how long mobs were alive with Albion Online Gold. Mobs now always give the same fame based on their type.
Improved Hellgate Rewards
Mobs in Hellgates now yield significantly more fame than regular mobs (4x for red / 2x for yellow).
Mobs in Hellgates now drop significantly more silver (+66%).

Albion Online

Improved Treasure Chest Rewards
Relic lockers now drop between 37,500 and 52,500 silver. They also drop T4 gems.
Relic chests now drop between 180,000 and 270,000 silver. They also drop T5 gems.
Relic coffers now drop between 900,000 and 1,500,000 silver. They also drop T6 gems.

Adjusted Spawn Rates
Set the spawn rate of T5 mobs and resources to 300%
Set the spawn rate of T6 mobs and resources to 300%
Set the spawn rate of T7+ mobs and resources to 200%

Fast Travel Costs Rework
Significantly increased fast travel cost by increasing the baggage fees to 20% of item value (was 5%).
Increase cost factor of travelling through yellow and red zones even further.

Other Changes
Small changes to button labels in gold market to differentiate between gold buying and gold trading (English only until the next major update in January).
Spawn protection buffs now make you immune to stacked up buffs & debuffs to prevent exploits.
Significantly reduced refining times (up to 90%).
When building, repairing or upgrading buildings you can now install up to 30 resources per click.
Improved the description texts of farming and crafting achievements.
Reduced Transmutation times by 90%.