Blade & Soul: Removal of Silver Tax

Removal of Silver Tax and Economy Changes

We have already stated during our last roadmap that we want to reduce the role of silver in the player driven economy. Rather than being a roadblock that people constantly hit, we want silver to be something that can be accumulated and used for a players benefit, as a positive money sink. To make this possible, the following things will be changed

We will remove the silver taxes for all zones and player islands. Thus, crafting in a building that you own will no longer cost any silver

Albion Online

To make sure that higher end zones are still better than green zones or player islands, you will get a rebate on ressources used when you craft in higher end zones. For example, if you craft a bow without enough Albion Online Silver, costing you 16 wood boards, in the red zone, you would get a rebate of – on average – 1.6 wood boards. If you craft the same bow on your player island, the rebate would be 0.

We will also allow most buildings to be built everywhere – including on player islands. PvP zones are still much stronger due to the above mentioned bonuses and due to the fact that high end mobs and resources can only be found there. We are considering to make some items only craftable in buildings that can only be built on special building grounds that you first have to conquer via GvG (such as: a special forge that you can only built on a volcano, etc)

The main silver sinks in the game should be positive and additive to the game: a chance to upgrade the quality of your items for Albion Online Gold, and the possibility to increase the tier and/or level of a resource using the transmutator. Another main silver sink that will remain largely unchanged is repairs, though we will rebalance the cost in line with the flattened gear power progression.