Riders of Icarus: the starter stages

First of all, I want to get this off my chest, I will not go into much detail on why this guild is great, blah blah blah, what we require of you.. etc

Why? Obviously the answer is that it is in the starter stages of this game? Anything you want to clear you can do without a guild to Buy Riders of Icarus Gold… so you find yourself asking why would you join one let alone mine? Heck and if you wanted to join a guild, what would set one apart from the other besides the level of it? Well let me tell you a couple reasons for joining a guild/my guild…

1) Online games are fun, but way more fun with an active community.. one that uses an online chat program (such as we use teamspeak) only makes it better! Come on, no one wants to be excited alone!

2) Guilds in Riders of Icarus get bonuses?! Why wouldn’t you want those? +Health? +Stats, lets get those bonuses together.

3) This game is growing, so join a group that itself is growing too! Who knows, maybe you are level 1 just stepping out of the prison to join the Crow’s quests with Cheap Riders of Icarus Gold. or you’re level 25 with all the mounts just waiting on the new content to come out soon.

4) You get to have a fancy guild symbol by your name… Oooooh ahhhhh.

5) Pfft? Come on now Tesseract is a awesome name… if you don’t know what a Tesseract is… it is the 4D analog of a cube, like a cube is the 3D analog of a square.

Anyways, like I said… if you need any info you can post it here, or msg me in game Jacques. Hope to see you soon.

I was trying to figure out what these mean/do in the settings and was messing with it but it doesn’t even seem to change. What do they mean and how could I make my friend in the party get everything and not give me anything?

If the party leader right clicks their status bar, they can change it.

master looter means the leader distribtues loot.

group loot means people roll need, greed or pass.

need before greed means if there’s an assassin in the group and assassin gear drops Icarus Gold, no one, but the assassin can roll on it.

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