Albion Online: Queensmarket and Smoky Bay

Granted I’m pretty new; but it would seem, as a trader, that 90% (or a very high percentage) of trade happens in Queensmarket and Smoky Bay, Queens for west continent and Smoky Bay for east continent.

However, I think that makes for a good market system because traders always will always want a central place to conduct Cheap Albion Online Silver. (Look at gold standard eve online with Jita, Dodixie, etc.) Fast travel is only viable for trading at T4 or below where high volumes of buy low/sell high happen. Fast travel with T5+ is so much more expensive that your profit margin pretty much disappears. To me, this is a preference of market pvp-style: while I would, as a trader, prefer to sit in one city and station-trade; perhaps other traders/merchants enjoy hauling from one city to another?

Even with the high fast travel transport cost it can be still worth trading between places … atleast that my experience. Previously alpha tests i usually did a few merchant mission highly profitable and successfull on horses between pvp cities (no ox)

Now one can use the t8 Direbear+ flee boots+ medium helm + whatever runspeed weapons with AO Silver… even give the merchant ox like carrying capacity plus almost 95+% chance to escape in small scale ambrush…asuming evenly geared merchant and ambrusher

What else do you need, besides the harder the trading & logistic obstacles and the risk… the higher the possible reward…There were a few travel faction fame quest in the starting zone, maybe one could expand on that….thought i dont really think its needed for a sandbox game, plus if profit is worthwhile from the quest it uusally gets abused.

I would like courier contracts to be implemented just for convenience (goods would move from player to player vs from player to alt); I don’t think it would significantly increase the existing hauling that happens already.

The auction house UI seems to have improved a lot from what I’ve read, but I think it could be better. There’s a lot of tab and window switching that happens, which makes it difficult to understand how profitable an item might be by not showing the buy and sell orders at the same time. Because of that, the current UI favors people who simply buy from sell orders and sell to buy orders in best albion online silver store. And traders who want to buy low/sell high to flip their silver have to make an extra effort to make sure they aren’t making a clerical error.

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