Blade & Soul servers are expected to do minimal work

To expand on my above post, when servers are expected to do minimal work per connected client, a lot of the work is done on the individual players’ computers, which is fine but it allows people to hack as easily as changing a few values with cheat engine. The games you are referring to are likely designed to handle most things server side rather than client side, and so there is no need for anti-cheats. Examples include World of Warcraft, League of Legends etc.. games that you can bet have the kind of hardware behind them that would make a nerd like me wet their panties.

The reason a lot of korean mmos are like Blade And Soul Gold is because they are often designed to run off of rather sub par/older server hardware. Of course, if it’s not an issue, there should be no reason ncsoft can’t change things.

I’m hoping that’s what happened because that would be awesome, in my perfect dream scenario the folks running the servers at NCSoft took a look at their resource usage, saw it got a lot lower since the population stabilized, and greenlighted this change, to put the extra processing power to good use instead of just downsizing the servers to save cash.

Honestly gameguard was stopping nothing at the moment, it wasn’t catching any of the bots so whatever program/method they were using for chatspam/destroyer farming GG wasn’t doing a damn thing not to mention it was just giving out false positives on wtfast/razor programs.

how do you explain games like dota where noone has ever managed to teleport from one place to another or move faster Blade & Soul Items? it’s obviously possible for a server to keep track of positioning real-time and realize when there’s just no way someone could have moved from x to y within z number of cycles and disconnect them. most MMO’s just don’t because it’s too resource intensive. It’s totally feasible though.

I’ve seen at least a few mmo’s that used this method to success though, by limiting how much characters could possibly move on the xy axis of the world in set amounts of time, you would speed hack 50 ft forward in a second, swing at a treant and do nothing until your invisible-to-you character caught up.

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