Blade And Soul: Enjoyable Can be Figured Out Later

Is playble but not enjoyable and i can’t compare to FM’s with even 150 that know how to play….point is is one thing to do your stuff but is different to play the class as it was designed to.FM or any other Class wasnt designed to be played with this ping period. With 30 ping i can spam LB + RB and all spells of the branches and switch all the time between two without losing a half sec while with 230 i have big delay between fire and ice spells.So yeah is not that much of fun…

That’s fair enough, playable and enjoyable are two separate things, but I’ll leave that for another time, thank you for your Blade & Soul Gold, it is also highly valued. But personally, to me, right now, I’m only after playable. Enjoyable can be figured out later. And as others have said, different classes are playable so far at different pings. Different opinions but valid with the right backup evidence either way.

Lol oops low ping* I think reason why it’s not ping dependant like Summoner (correct me if I’m wrong) is coz WL main source of damage is from Raging Spirit which is cast time based and one free insta cast on crit if you added it to 5th tier. Summoner main source of dps should be from Hornet where you can insta cast and spam it under certain conditions.

I think most of the classes are playable exept SIN and KFM with a ping of 200 and above, curently playing with 230 on TW with a BM, and I’m outpsing the taiwanese bms, its harder of course, for example mushin, before the last update, i killed last clone with 2 seconds past enrage timer, its just practice, high ping will make you a mutch better bm, since you will figure out how to max out your dps even with lacking the atack speed, since I saw a lot of players, taiwanese for example, whos skill build is amazingly bad, they don’t watch the cooldows, their dps is really bad. As in for arena, I had plat with 233 ping, so its fine, you can get used to the ping, but ofcourse, its uncomparable to low ping, when I went to korea and played with 20 ping from PC cafe, it was godlike, but since we prop wont get the EU or NA version, you eather get used to it or quit xD

if u have above 200 i dont suggest to play kfm or assasin, since you wont be able to dig in so much dps, because those 2 classes are very ping related. Why are they very ping related BNS Gold? Because of their skills, for example on an summoner, once you burst out all your skills, there is a cooling time, on witch you dont dps that much nomore, and since they have big cooldowns its not a problem with ping, same goes with warlock, very big cooldowns so its fine

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