The game in Albion Online the wrong direction

To begin, I will tell you of two back to back hellgates my guild fought a few nights ago. We were not running arcane that night.
Hellgate # 1 – we fight an enemy team who also had no arcane beam. The fight was very close! so many times we were winning……they were winning…..pop cd’s……change position…..pop potions…..killed one……we got low…..very close and very strategic and the fight went on for quite some time. This fight went on for 2-3 minutes

Hellgate # 2 we fight an enemy team with an arcane beam. 20 seconds in one of our cloth users gets one shot ( to be precise he went from 80 % health to dead instantly ). We are now at a 5v5 disadvantage and the fight may as well be over…..but…..10 seconds later the power beam comes back online and another one of our members goes from 60/70% health to dead instantly. This fight was over in 40 seconds but really, it was over the moment the enemy team did a snipe shot with power beam.

Why arcane ruins the game right now

1.) it makes this game impossible to balance. I honestly don’t see anything wrong with the 2h crossbow snipe shot ability right now. the damage is Cheap Albion Online Silver. however, put a power beam on it and it goes from a skillshot thats hard to use, to, if you land it while beamed the other team gets wrecked. Current meta right now has two mandatory slots – arcane and xbow – and for good reason. I also don’t think duel swords are OP, I don’t think anything is that OP right now in terms of sheer damage output – but – you slap a power beam on it and it looks OP. This will make you balance the game in the wrong direction for the wrong reasons.

2.) no ability in the game, in any combo / way shape or form should EVER be doing 70% or more of your health bar in Buy Albion Online Gold. Allow me to list the following things a power beam does to this game, and there are multiple videos of this, this is not just imo, ive seen it first hand, in videos etc.

…A.) snipe shot will do anywhere from 1500-2100 damage
…B.) duel swords will hit 2-3 people for anywhere from 1100-1400 damage
…C.) heavy smash will hit 1-3 people for anywhere from 1100-1400 damage
…D.) something as gimicky as a bow deadlyshot or any q nuke spell on staff goes from reasonable poke damage into run for your life or if you don’t have a defensive you die immediatlywatch 4:50 or watch the whole video to see a power beamed speed casting bow.

We will miss Albion Online on all the future videos

I’ve been the community manager for Sandbox Interactive since we had but 7,000 Facebook likes, no forum, and balanced our servers on a table in the kitchen.

Since then the community has grown in both length and girth, requiring we even take on more moderators to shut the lot of you up every now and then. The best indication of the size of the community now is the fact that we’re now a huge target for spam – we’ve come so far.

Alas, now, I must leave my post, and indeed Berlin. Without wanting to go into too much detail, I have decided to Buy Albion Online Gold to New Zealand, where we will join in the crowd complaining about the lack of Oceanic servers for Albion Online, and possibly have hybrid tiger-babies when we both feel ready.

Thank you very much for being the loves that you are! You haven’t always agreed with my moderation, but I’ve only had one threat of physical violence in my time and I really appreciate that about this community – you let your resentment build up rather than letting it out.

‘Will I still be able to PK Beelzebabb in game?’ I hear you ask. Yes, is the answer to that. Very much yes. I will be playing when I can in the beta, and I am really, really shit at PvP when I don’t have Godmode on. So this is still a possibility if that was still on your list.

Be nice to my replacement(s), and make sure you have a great time in CBT, and help us make this game the best ever!

You know what if Beelzebabb goes I go! Whose walking out with me? Whose walking out with me? Oh wait this isn’t one of those times. Damn I always wanted to do that.

We will miss you on all the future videos. I will build a shrine of dead bodies in your name in the world that is Albion. Not weird at all.