This does raise one concern to me regarding the Albion Online community

Really interesting way of fighting the “dying plot” due to an owner which already left the game but has hoarded a lot of silver on his account.

Nice change and i would like to see how this “bid auction” plays out (especially for new players who doesn’t have tremendous amounts of Cheap Albion Online Silver to compete with residents)!

I fear also now for a smaller guild that builds up the economy buildings in a city there is no chance when a big guild wanna have it .
This update sounds not so good for me … we will see what happens in the closed beta

This does raise one concern to me regarding the less HC community. That is that you’ll have to compete for your own plot economically, which would naturally favor large guilds in the bidding wars against almost any solo player / casual guilds, irrelevant whether the original owner is active or not.

What I would like to suggest here is that the auction would only start when the original owner has gone inactive for a certain period of time, or alternatively has run out of money for the upkeep (Where the upkeep cost might increase gradually for every consecutive day of inactivity after a certain time.) This way soloers wouldn’t have to worry about having to be shoved aside as long as they actively use their plot.

Unless something is done to protect smaller guys in cities, the system is essentially forcing them to live in islands. I’d personally want to see smaller guys idling at the town central rather than everybody vanishing into thin air as they’re now hanging around the islands.

The only wrong about this game is private islands, with this system is even easier for new people to acquire a plot of land in any city.
So what is the point to keep private islands?
Why I would spend money in a city if I can have free buildings in my own, forever untouchable place?

There will be a Gold shop in Albion Online Silver

The premium model is our modern interpretation of a subscription.

So in case you have a subscription like in EVE at one point it is true or false. You either pay or you do NOT play at all.
Even worse, after 30 days (or whatever the trial period is) this happens with Albion Online Silver. So at one point in time you are put to make a decision.

Our premium account is a must for everyone who wants to play on a serious level.
But maybe you buy the game and you dont have time to play the first month a lot and then you are not suddenly kept out of the game.
Or you start slowly and you are not sure yet if you want to keep playing.

So it is a more soft approach on when and if you have to pay.
And like the others said already it is just making you progress significantly faster.

Thats all very pretty but the diff is: premium turn people off, as u can see in this thread. not to mention that not everybody will be paying a monthly fee, only extremelly casual players who cant afford to buy prem with silver or lazy players who cba to farm silver so they buy gold to trade it. So AOSilver doesnt see how thats any different from a cosmetic shop
Anyway, there will be a cosmetic shop in AO at some point as it has already been stated somewhere.