Starting Zones of Albion Online

The initial feel was so-so. I played AO without any prior knowledge of the game. I did not spend time reading guides or reviews that spoke of how to start a fresh character, simply because I wanted to do it myself and with a new player mentality. I will not lie, even a player as myself did have some difficulty becoming acclimated to the game. Being it is a free to play game; I feel the game needs to really nurture a new player for the first three to five hours of game time. This is where AO fell short but is, however, a simple fix.

I would like to see more prompts or perhaps an in game guide that helps direct a player around the starting town and first few zones. Do note that all themepark games offer this and a majority of players may expect to Buy Albion Online Gold. The skill board UI is great for more advanced players. But even I found it difficult to navigate and understand at first. New players will have to have their hand held a little bit more. A simple prompt system to help players get through the starter zones and craft tier two sets is crucial.

For example: ‘kill 6 rabbits.’ ‘Good Job! Now skin them for ten hides, then go bank on rocks and chop on trees for ten of each resource.’ ‘Good Job! Now go craft your first tier one set of your choosing, plate, leather or cloth. Let me explain the premise of plate, leather and cloth so you may choose which style fits you… etc.’ ‘Good job! Now go into a tier one green zone and kill 20 tier two mobs so that you can accumulate 2,000 fame. You will need fame to further your character in Albion.’ ‘Good job! Now go bank on rocks, trees, etc…’ You get the picture by now I am sure. Once a player is up to tier three, they should have a pretty strong grasp of the game.

Albion Online

I found the difficulty in PvE to be fair. I did not have too difficult of a time or too easy of a time farming silver in the PvP-free zones. However, for a new player to the sandbox mmo, that is a different story. I bought an epic starter pack for my girlfriend’s younger brother (in high school) who is growing up in the Angry Birds/Minecraft gaming scene. These darn kids just aren’t growing up with real games anymore. AO was his first real game.

He struggled. Rather than helping him, I just watched because I wanted to see what a fresh player would experience and I was there to be a supportive cushion. Although I did have to help him get through the initial starting of the game due to the lack of an in-game guide system discussed above. Once he got into a tier three plate set, it was like watching sand being slowly poured into a large bucket of fail. He died to tier three skeletons and humanoids in Silvermeadow and Whitecliff, and died to tier four giants in Giants Ring constantly. Where I think I may have died once, the entire time.

Luckily I was there to supply him with enough gear and silver to keep trying. Eventually, he figured it out and became self-sufficient. I ask myself, what would happen to a new player if they didn’t have a supportive cushion? The durability loss on lower tiered items is too high. I think it was about 33 durability lost per death. That is ok at higher tiers for experienced players, but detrimental to new players. Again, long term feasibility with Cheap Albion Online Gold. New players should not have to repair, in my honest option. Let them focus on learning the game and genre, rather than repairing or losing their gear and becoming frustrated.

There are a few solutions that come to mind. No durability loss up to tier three – which may not be feasible, create a ruleset in start zones that halve durability loss – certainly feasible, or create a timer that gives a player a one to two week grace period – certainly feasible.

Albion Online: Main Arguments in the P2W Debate

1. The “Indirect advantage via trade argument” (Pro P2W)
The argument says that you get an advantage by doing the following: Buy gold with real money. Trade that gold away to other players for items and/or silver. Therefore, indirectly, you have just bought yourself an advantage.

The counterargument does states that while you do obtain items or silver in this way, it is not an issue because i) Another player has gotten the benefits for your trade, in terms of the gold you paid him. So it is not just you who “wins”, it is the other player or other players as well you have a lot of Albion Online Silver. So you could call it “pay for others to win”. This is very similar to the Plex system in Eve Online, that is widely considered not be to Pay to Win.

2. The “Reduced Need for Silver Farming” argument (Pro P2W)
The argument says that if you obtain gold via real money, you can progress in the game without having to worry about earning silver that much. As a result, you can advance faster.
The counter-argument states that while this is true, it should rather be called “pay to save time” or “pay to farm less” or “pay to play less”. It also states that to build and craft, currency alone is not enough as you will still need the ressources from the world. Or, in order to progress in general, you will still need to collect fame&experience via the destiny board, which you cannot buy with gold.

Albion Online

3. The “Full Loot argument” argument (Contra P2W)
The argument highlights that given that PvP is full loot, if a player with lower skill try to PvP in high end gear, he will simply get killed and looted by more skilled players, so it might as well be called “others pay for you to win” if you are a skilled player.
The counter argument states that while this is true, there could also be skilled players who try and get an advantage via the gold system. The reply to this is that – based on testing so far – high end players usually have no problems in obtaining silver, it is rather ressources that become rare. (as intended by the game’s design)

4. The “Shared Benefits” Argument (Contra Pw2)
The argument states that as silver yields in Albion Online are essentially capped, everytime that somebody pays for an expense such as crafting or upkeep with Gold instead of Silver, reducing his need to farm, it means that it becomes easier for everybody else to farm silver. The counter argument states that while this is nice, it does not change their arguments above.

5. The “Gold for Free” Argument (Contra P2W)
The argument states that as gold can be freely traded between players, it is quite easy for you to obtain gold without spending any real money. Either because you play more and trade away your extra gains, or because you have a special skill or control a certain territory which means you can obtain a lot of gold from other players via trade with Albion Online Gold. This will then allow you to obtain the premium status or all vanity items without investing real money. The counter argument states that while this is nice, it does not change their main arguments above

6. Shared Benefits of Swap transactions (Contra P2W)
The argument says that if there is too much gold being offered in the player driven gold/silver market, the game is going to give a discount on silver prices for certain activities such as repairing items. In this way, if a lot of people buy gold for real money in order to trade it away for silver with others players such that the gold/silver rate drops below the reference rate of 100, everybody benefits.

Welcome to the (quick and dirty) Albion Online

You log in with your character for the first time ever. You are in the starting zone. You have nothing but your undies.

Do not unpack your founder’s gear or mounts! You do not need them now! Depending on where you start, you may want to take a boat to meet up with your friends. But then it might be too expensive if you unpacked any founders gear!
Your first goal is: Unlock the T2 trees of the destiny board.

look at your “destiny board quests” (bottom of the screen)
(important!) do those quests step by step now until destiny board branches out!
(best area to do this is the starter zone)
don’t leave the zone yet
those quests are:
gather 3 ‘Rough Logs’ (T1), but let’s actually gather 25 logs total because you need them for other quests later!
gather 3 ‘Rough Stone’ (T1), but let’s actually gather 21 stone total, because you need them for other quests later!
walk to the Workbench and prepare to craft stuff
Before you craft anything, TURN OFF CRAFTING FOCUS (click the workbench and turn off the orange hammer & saw icon next to the red ‘Craft’ icon). This returns materials on crafting, and you want to save this focus for higher tier things with enough Albion Online Silver. If you do not turn it off, you will burn through all your crafting focus on Tier 1 items!
craft 1 ‘Beginners Skinning Knife’ with the Stone & Lumber you gathered earlier (needs 3 each).
Kill 1 Rabbit
Gather 8 Rabbit Hide, but let’s actually gather 18 hide total, because you need them later!
walk back to the Workbench and:
craft 1 Medium Beginners Leather Armor (Chestpiece) (pick move speed passive)
craft 1 Beginners Broadsword with the Stone & Lumber you gathered earlier (needs 6 each)
craft 1 Beginner’s Pickaxe with the Stone & Lumber you gathered earlier (needs 3 each)

DING DING DING, you unlocked the T2 nodes of the destiny board, but wait – let’s prepare the rest of the stuff we need before we leave!

craft 1 ‘Beginners Shield’ with the Lumber you gathered earlier (4 logs).
craft 1 ‘Medium Beginners Leather Hood’ with the Hide you gathered earlier. (4 hide) (pick move speed).
craft 1 ‘Medium Beginner’s Leather Shoes’ with the Hide you gathered earlier. (4 hide) (pick move speed).
craft 1 ‘Beginners Axe’ with the Stone & Lumber you gathered earlier (needs 3 each).
craft 1 ‘Beginners Stone Hammer’ with the Stone & Lumber you gathered earlier (needs 3 each).
craft 1 ‘Beginner’s Sickle’ with the Stone & Lumber you gathered earlier (needs 3 each).

You are ready to leave the starter zone now!
Quick checklist of the things you should have in your inventory before you move to the next zone:
T1 sword
T1 shield
T1 leather armor (head,chest,boots)
T1 pickaxe
T1 wood axe
T1 skinning knife
T1 stone hammer
T1 sickle

make sure your destiny board quests (from above) are completed!

Go to the next zone nao!

Albion Online Armor System Explained



ARMOR STYLES – (Armor Type + Material Type)
Light Cloth, Medium Cloth, Heavy Cloth
Medium Leather, Heavy Leather, Light Leather
Heavy Plate, Light Plate, Medium Plate

ARMOR CLASS – (three in total)
Most inner ring of the destiny board
Middle ring of the destiny board
Outer ring of the destiny board.


Armor types are split up into three categories as mentioned above: light, medium, and heavy. Each type shares the same abilities and passives reguardless of the material type. Light armors provide enhanced damage, and offensive abilities. Medium armors provide slows, movement speed boosts, crowd control defense, damage reduction and stealth. Heavy armors grant bonus life, armor as well as defensive abilities.

In albion online there are two types of damage, physical and magical. We will use PR to describe the armors physical resistence and MR to describe the armors magical resistence with Albion Online Gold. The higher your PR then the less physical damage you take and the higher MR, the less magical damage you take. Melee weapons and bows deal physical damage while staffs deal magical.

Material types are split up into three categories aswell: cloth, leather, and plate. The material composition determines the armor’s resistance ratios. For example: cloth armors will have a higher MR stat then the PR while plate armors will have a higher PR stat rather then MR. Leather armors are given a balanced PR & MR stat that is neither the best or worst.

Some advices for Albion PVP content

Guys when my friend was inviting me to this game he just used this sentence ” Hey mate, I have found a game after long time searching for my taste, this is the game mixed of ULTIMA ONLINE and DARK AGE OF CAMELOT ”. Then I stated this game with lots of expectations. I am a PvP / GvG / RvR player, Albion has wonderful action for me at the beginning. Then started to go to red and black zones with my guildies (we are 7-8 people). We saw 2-3 people or 5 people at the beginning. How the f..k they can run away from us??? we could kill maybe one or 2 of them. Then we saw a small zerg (+12 people).

We pull them to bridge (I remember my DAOC days, 8 people can defend 1 tower against 30-50 people if they play well) fight started and they rushed towards us and we manage to kill them easy. That is awesome mate with Albion Online Gold. Eveybody was talking on skype that this is the game that we finally find we love to play . After that group we saw an other zerg which comes toward us( red points on the map). Again we were happy to fight with them. They were around 18 people. They just stayed in front of bridge their tank attack to our tank then we saw a fire arrow coming towards us and stunned ofcourse.

After the first one we saw an other fire arrow.. again we were stunned !!!! 2 more stun and we were death! This is the small example what our fights all about. I wanna tell to the developers so simple advice that everybody can think about this mechanics so easy. This is a closed beta and off course game will change a lot but this game is not let you to fight against zergs if u dont change a small mechanics.

Albion Online

My advice to the game developers ;

1 – ) this is the core main pvp mechanic. For example If you stun a group an enemy with a warbow stun after they got stunned THEY HAVE TO BE IMMUNE TO ALL KIND STUN EFFECTS AROUND 1-2 MINS !!! that they can fight agains larger group. If u root or silence an enemy after they got silenced or rooted THEY HAVE TO BE IMMUNE ALL KIND OF SILENCE AND ROOT EFFECT FOR 1-2 MINS !!!

2 – ) Guys where is class buffs ?? Each class has to have their unique buffs for their group so people has to find that classes in their group !! ( for example if an holy healer joins a group that group should have %5 increased energy regen)

3 – ) Where is the effectives of healer ??? Healers need some kind of group heals that they should heal their group in an affective way not just open a circle to gorund to heal your group.. that heal should go directly to their group.

4 – ) How 1 or 2 people can run away from a group ?? Give some speed increase buff groups that they can catch people. Groups should run %50-100 increased speed to catch people around !!!

5- ) WTF is wrong with horses in pvp zones !! WHY we cant catch people who is on the horse ?? If you hit a player which is on the horse to Buy Albion Online Gold, HORSE should be disappear !!!! so we can kill them easy – This should be just in pvp zones !!

6- ) WHY cursed mage dots are breaking casting spell on each hits and after using ice block it still stands on you???

7 – ) Can somebody tell me that How an healer can farm exp or gathering alone? Where is the damage spells for them just to let them play alone by not depending other people for exping ?? Give damage spells to healers and it is the same for tanks !


Blade & Soul: Removal of Silver Tax

Removal of Silver Tax and Economy Changes

We have already stated during our last roadmap that we want to reduce the role of silver in the player driven economy. Rather than being a roadblock that people constantly hit, we want silver to be something that can be accumulated and used for a players benefit, as a positive money sink. To make this possible, the following things will be changed

We will remove the silver taxes for all zones and player islands. Thus, crafting in a building that you own will no longer cost any silver

Albion Online

To make sure that higher end zones are still better than green zones or player islands, you will get a rebate on ressources used when you craft in higher end zones. For example, if you craft a bow without enough Albion Online Silver, costing you 16 wood boards, in the red zone, you would get a rebate of – on average – 1.6 wood boards. If you craft the same bow on your player island, the rebate would be 0.

We will also allow most buildings to be built everywhere – including on player islands. PvP zones are still much stronger due to the above mentioned bonuses and due to the fact that high end mobs and resources can only be found there. We are considering to make some items only craftable in buildings that can only be built on special building grounds that you first have to conquer via GvG (such as: a special forge that you can only built on a volcano, etc)

The main silver sinks in the game should be positive and additive to the game: a chance to upgrade the quality of your items for Albion Online Gold, and the possibility to increase the tier and/or level of a resource using the transmutator. Another main silver sink that will remain largely unchanged is repairs, though we will rebalance the cost in line with the flattened gear power progression.

Albion Online: Gathering & Notable Features

Auto-Tool Use: For gathering, it will be enough if the right tool is in your inventory. You will no longer have to equip it. This also means that you weapon will not go on cooldown when you gather something. You can still equip a tool, but you will only really need to if you want to fight with it.

Rare Resources: There will be rarer versions of existing ressources that will spawn randomly (i.e. an existing resource node has a certain change to transform into a rare node for a certain amount of time). Those rare resources are used to craft rare items.

Other Notable Features
Mounts: We will add abilities to certain mounts, and possibly also auto-attacks to certain mounts to Buy Albion Online Gold. However, while doing this, we will be extra careful as we do not want mounts to be too powerful in chasing down fleeing players to keep open world PvP balance in check.

Arena/Solo PvP Options: This is still at concept stage, but definitely on our to do list.
A lot of additional small changes and improvements, that are too minor to list seperately.

Looking at the above feature list, we will not be able to have everything ready for the next Alpha test. However, if you have followed us before, you know that we are quite good at getting a lot of things done in a short amount of time.

Still, if we already launched the Winter Alpha in December, we believe that we would present you with a version of the game that would be far below its potential and still too similar to the current version for the test to be meaningful.

As we really want to present you with significantly improved game, we have decided to start the Winter Alpha in mid/late January. By then, our goal is to achieve at least 50% of the points mentioned on the list above. A specific start date for the Winter Alpha will be published in December.

Albion Online: Changelog since Winter Alpha

These is a short overview of all the changes we implemented during the last three months.

New Spells: We doubled the amount of spells available.

New Spell Mechanics: We added new spell functionality (skillshots, knock back, pull mechanics and some more)

Anti Zerg Spells: We added spells where the damage increases significantly the more targets you hit! So clustering on one spot is now a bad option combined with the genreal increase of GTAoE spells.

Missions: You can now do Combat, Crafting, Gathering and Transport Missions which will reward you with Silver and increase your standing with one faction.

Factions: We added 4 factions: Royals, Undead, Disciples of Morgana, Keepers of Albion. Doing missions for these them will increase your standing and you will be able to buy special faction gear. (FYI: This will be patched during the Alpha test)
Reforging: At the repair station you can not only repair and salvage items but also reforge them. Reforging means for a small silver fee you can change the spells on an item

Albion Online

Learning Points: To unlock an Item on the destiny board you need to spend learning points. Learning points do regenerate with Albion Online Silver, also when you are not logged in.

Crafting Endurance: Crafting items costs “crafting endurance”. You can decrease the amount of endurance it costs by climbing up the appropriate mastery levels of an item. We are also adding items which will allow you to get new “crafting endurance” ingame. They also regenerate over time (also when you are logged off).

Destiny Board Rework: The mastery levels got a new UI and more significant bonuses and unlocks. (e.g. If you master the 1-handed sword this may also give you bonuses for other “bladed” weapons.)

Enchanted Weapons: We doubled the amount of Albion Online Items. They are meant as a horizontel progression.

Example: You can have a “Tier 5; Level 5 Item” This item needs only T5 resources but some very special new resources which are harder to get then just gathering them in the world. A “Tier 5; Level 5” is as powerful as a “Tier 8; Level 2” item.

Building capacity: buildings now have a maximum capacity for crafting. this capacity regenerates over time. this is to have a reason to have the same building multiple times

Combat Improvements of Albion Online

We will make significant improvements to the combat experience, both to PvE and PvP

Items and Abilities
Revisit all items and abilities, and make the required balance adjustments.
Introduce new abilities to existing items
Introduce new items (including some extra rare ones!)

Have more AoE abilities
Give small radius AoE effects to many abilities
Let AoE abilities scale with the number of players to Buy Albion Online Gold i.e. if you hit 2 people, both get 300 damage. If you hit 3 people, all three get 400 damage, etc. Same logic for AoE crowd control spells

Show zergs on mini-map if and only if they have more than X players (X to be determined)

Research project: investigate whether we can have a smart, algorithm based system that gives a debuff to zerg groups if they become too large. The main problem here is that it would need to be done in such a way that it cannot be circumvented.

Mobs and Bosses
Have more interesting mob and boss fights.
Better and more varied abilities on bosses and mobs.
Phases for bosses, requiring more specific tactics in order to beat them.
In-built Anti-Zerg features for bosses, such as powerful and scaling AoE spells

Boost PvP
We want to offer more good reasons to players to venture into the PvP zones.

Open world PvP events:
The idea here is that something happens in the world at a certain amount of time that encourages open world PvP, without however incentivising zerging.

To give you an example of the concept: say at 18:00 server time, we let one chest spawn in each red PvP zone. There is a notifier that the chests have spawned.
The chests are locked for 10 minutes. After that, they can be opened, but it takes 60 seconds to open them and any damage take will cancel the opening of the chest.
As each red zone will have a chest at the same time, zerging will (hopefully) be kept in check.

On top of that, we are considering to change the way castle fights work and also might be introducing world bosses that spawn at certain intervals.

Hell Gates
There is a random chance that a demon will spawn on the map.

The demon is designed for groups of 5 players, and there is different types of demon, from easy to hard. If you kill it, it will spawn a portal.

Only the group who killed the demon (up to a maximum number of 5) can enter.
You will enter a dungeon which will lead to a boss, if you kill it, you get loot/special resources (exclusive to hell gates), and an exit spawns.

So far, so good. Now to the really cool part: Hell gates can be connected and have multiple entrances. So it might be that while you are clearing the hell gate, you will encounter another group of 5 people with the same goal in mind. They will have entered the dungeon via an entirely different entrance that could in theory by at any part of the world.

The reason why we think this is cool is the following: i) it will encourage small groups of 5 to constantly roam the map, looking for demons to kill in order to spawn a hell gate ii) it allows us to set up structured PvP encounters that are 5vs5, without the risk of zerging iii) But: it is not even certain that you will actually encounter another group inside the hell gate with Cheap Albion Online Gold, so there is always some tension in the air. To avoid any confusion: if you exit the hellgate, you will always return to the region that you came from.

New resources exclusive to PvP zones: Please see below

PvP, Yellow and Red in Albion Online

We all know the map needs to be bigger, and it’s been addressed multiple times, but just for prosperities sake I’ll say it here as well. Yellow needs to be bigger, offering a larger buffer between Green and Red, Guards on each section.

Red Needs to be expanded more, and there should be no safe zones beyond green in the slightest. The reasoning for this is that this game is supposed to be about team work, co-operation, and the sandbox. Anything beyond Yellow should be that sandbox, from guilds having to take and hold territory, to alliances forming to help better defend themselves, to roaming Guilds patrolling their own lands and kicking out anyone they don’t want there. Those should be part of the game. Red needs to be expanded so much more for such a thing to exist, allowing more space for people to spread out, slip through the gaps and in otherwise guard.

Black itself needs to do the same, but with the ability for Guilds to control entire zones with much more efficiency. Red needs to be the smaller guilds banding together fighting over and defending what’s theirs. Black needs to be far more rooted in large guilds, or alliances, coming together and imparting their own rule and laws upon their zones, along with who may come and go as they please.

Something that’s desperately needed is a reputation system. If you’re out there slaughtering people in Yellow zone time and time again, you need to have consequences for that. There needs to be a system that either makes those people Perma-Reds in the long term, or otherwise penalizes their actions in other ways.

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