Against Illegal Albion Online Gold to Safeguard the Goods of All Players

Nov 25. 2016 — We never stopped the fighting against piracy in our daily life, when a new product comes out, it must followed by numerous faking product. This is intolerable thing. As in the Albion Online, there also exist many illegal albion online gold site. They always stolen albion online gold or albion online accounts from some albion online players and resell them to others for high profit.

Who are they? Why they can do this awful things? It’s not your albion online gold, it’s not your albion online account, they don’t belong to anybody else except ourselves, you don’t have the right to do this. So my fellow albion online players, we should united to fight against those scammers and spammers in Albion Online. We have to build up a fair and legal world in the game.

Don’t buy albion online gold from illegal albion online gold sites, they are always small and unprofessional. You can easily judge from their web site. Those unclear, no update news, unfavorable customer service and bad feedback site are not your choice. You should never buy albion online gold from them.

Pay attention to those Albion Online Gold with unbelievable low price, legit farming albion online gold costs time and effort, so it can’t be sell at a very low price, otherwise, how could the company make profit?

Some of guys using bots to get albion online gold, it is against the rules, terms and services of Albion Online. Moreover, these scripted toons have an adverse effect in the Albion Online server. The bots fill the auction houses with any useless items to make albion online gold.

No matter what situations you meet, don’t buy albion online gold illegally, choose the legit site (like ). They will never ask you to return your currency in game but always ask you to come on the Live Help to discuss any issue. Do not give away your currency to anyone claiming to be our customer support.

We are all albion online fans, we want enjoy this game without banning or hacking, so let’s against illegal albion online gold online and safeguard goods for both you and me. Let’s have great time playing in Albion Online!


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Trove: What about the mixing farming and PvP

While reading this thread an idea struck me. I’m an avid pvp player when in comes to MMOs. (Idk how I ended up playing Trove, most likely the collection part got me.) What about mixing farming and PvP? I have played many games where the PvP servers or maps had some kind of bonus with the risk of being hunted. We could have a Primal world for each uber (or maybe over U”X”) with some kind of PvP twist in it while having some sort of bonus as well.

For example a few +%drop/+%xp/ double gem boxes at x%, or any kind of thing. Joining anyone on the map/inviting to the map would be disabled to avoid easy grouping/exploiting. All gears would matter, including gems. Not sure about flasks. Limiting jumps would be an interesting twist as well, not only making PvP harder but clearing PvE content as well. Upon dieing you are spawned back to Buy Trove Flux, loosing a few pots could be the drawback. (Couldn’t come up with any better.) Also, no names would appear on map. (Obviously, PvP/classes should be balanced first.) I haven’t talked about the format(s) yet. I have 2 main ideas in my mind:

– Team vs Team
Now this is some sort of basic. Upon entering you choose a team and every player who had chosen the other one are considered enemies. Of course this could be fleshed out more, having permanent teams/wars etc.

Upon entering, you get 5 or X names, that you have to assassinate. You’d have your targets marked with something on the map. Each player would have an indicator, telling them how many players are hunting them and how close they are with the help of symbols not in a completely accurate way. (For example, if it was a colored dot, the closer the hunter, the darker the dot) In closer range you would have them marked for you and vice versa to make it easier. (Like the flag carriers in PvP) Upon killing one of your targets, you would be awarded rewards and your target list should be refreshed. (or that 1 name only). Having a refreshing list would make it able for the first few joiners on that world to have targets as well. Everyone could be a target.

These were just my ideas which popped into my mind while reading the thread. It could possibly bring some excitement and thrill to the boring grinding. Not sure how these would work out in reality. I agree with the point of the thread since I am mostly just logging in for the chaoses/daily streak lately. Half the time I don’t care about the cubits either. I’d rather have some improvement on the existing worlds than having a new biome/higher ubers. (No offense for the dino biome Trino, it will be cool and all for sure, but there are other things which are, I feel like, being overlooked but should be in the focus of attention). With the release of the new Class they should also release “Archaeology/Paleontology” type of skill that would require finding fossils(in block form).

The fossils would be harder then the surrounding blocks so it would be harder to delete them while mining and once you unearth the entire fossil it will light up and dissapear giving you items/xp/rewards or w/e was decided to buy trove flux online. But what I think could really help biomes themselves is randomizing what’s inside the biomes more. sometimes there will be no mobs or sometimes there will max mobs, maybe the blocks are very fertile sometimes and the glim/material is multiplied by 10.

BASICALY i’m just saying this game NEEDS more variety, the Large mobs were a nice addition, but I’d like to see EVEN LARGER mobs in a biome(cough BOSS BIOME cough) one massive boss in a large boime that would require MANY Trovians to defeat.