Trove: the cap would cause more problems

I fell that a cap would cause more problems than it could solve. When you say how high an item’s price can go, that does not only stop that item but any that are connected to it. A month of Patron gives an extra 120 Chaos Chests on top your current Chaos Factor 210 CCs at 300 Mastery). If Patron’s price can not exceed 400k then the price of Chaos Chests would not go past 3333 Flux per. If the price on the chests is locked down like that then what would happen to buy Trove Flux with the items that come from the chests? Patron and Chaos Chest as well as its contents go hand in hand; you can not control one without controlling the other.

Honestly I do not see a problem with the high price of Patron. Don’t get me wrong, I think the price is very high currently but at the same I do not think it is wrong or incorrect pricing. Patron is so strong and necessity that people will pay these prices. Despite the current price we, shockingly, have not reached the point where price does not match the power of the item. As long as there are buyers with hundreds of thousands of flux then there will also be sellers.

From the devs point of view there is no downside for this situation. For every tradable Patron Pass, someone somewhere had to pay $20 USD to get the credits required to buy the item. With the price so high it an incentive to buy passes to sell on the market for some quick flux. Telling the users they can only sell the items for so much is about as good as shooting yourself in the foot. There would be no upside for them in this change and instead it is making one source of revenue look far worse.

Forgot that it also halves the amount of gem boxes it requires to hit karma. This doubles the chances of getting a gem you are looking for the exact same amount of work. Without Patron you are working twice as long to get to the same point as a Patron.

You want a cap on an item that requires people to spend real currency to obtain. They aren’t just injected into the market randomly. People have to actually buy them for them to exist. Would you like to know what would happen if a cap was imposed? No one would buy Cheap Trove Flux to them with cash. The supply would drop. They aren’t buying them for the fun of it, they’re doing so because they want to make a profit and it is profitable right now. You are never going to get a cap added to an item that people are required to buy for it to exist for this reason.

There could simply less on the market because people weren’t finding it profitable, however the demand is still there and people are willing to pay more.

If people are buying them for less and selling for more, they’re playing the market. It is something that anyone can do and it’s how people actually gain flux. You don’t see the people who have played this game the longest buying for 500k and reselling for 300k. They wouldn’t even make a dent to the long term price because the 300k ones would be instantly purchased and sold again for 450k-500k.

Let me jump back to the main topic here. If the item holds value to you, fork over money and buy one if you ‘need’ it.

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