Trove : Simple is sometimes better than over complicated

Thanks for making a thread like this, it’s really nice to have club arenas all in one spot. I have been checking some of them out, and they are really great so far!
I can give some feedback if anyone wants it.

There are a couple things to keep in mind when making a map:
Simple is sometimes better than over complicated – you probably don’t want to be en route for one flag capture for an entire match period.
Avoid bouncing blocks in really small spaces- cameras don’t like this.
Make sure to test out the maps with a lot of different characters. It’s best to avoid creating a map that favors any specific class. Example: choke point with a sniper post… basically a SH could camp and snipe over and over with Trove Flux for sale no allowance of a single flag capture by the opposing team.
It is nice to have a series of markers that indicate where to go… or obvious base markings.
Feel free to add more tips from your own arena creation or play experiences.

Can’t wait to test out more of these!

So I already made my second arena! The first, as you can see in the first post, was focused on the flags. This one is focused on killing! Inspired by trench warfare, it features a U shaped trench at either end, with craters, biplanes, barrage balloons, “barbed wire” etc in the largely open “no-man’s land” area. Tested this out with some club members and Buy Trove Flux was really rather fun.

this arena was just something i laid out to test out all the pvp elements(its located down at the beach house to the right of the main bridge) but its really quite something. a combination of open field battling ,incline mountains to reach the drop off and pick up points,underwater battling which is quite fun,and underground tunnels which may just turn into something more in the future.

i’ll take some pictures of if tomorrow. also its basicly impossible to get back to the spawn points once you jump off the roof so there’s very little chance of sniping that as well

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