Through game design measures in Albion Online

“Several games have attempted to discourage zerging through game design measures, to varying degrees of success. In Albion Online, in an effort to promote and encourage fairer match-ups between smaller groups of opponents, we’re implementing several mechanics to make zerging as ineffective as possible. Please note, though: this does not mean there won’t be large-scale battles happening. It just means we don’t want to see 50 guys killing 3 guys.

Let’s take a moment to clarify slightly, because this is a key cornerstone of our philosophy for albion online gold market and an issue we feel strongly about. Our intent here, as before, is not to stop large-scale battles from happening, but rather to give players the option of choosing the size of their battles, enabling large groups to easily find each other while allowing smaller groups to evade them. We also engineer our design towards, for example, creating scenarios where it is more economical to run around in smaller groups as opposed to a giant zerg.”

Why would they want to “make zerging as inffective as possible” if smaller scale and even fights was not their vision? This blurb is NOT true this test at all, its a zerg-fest. This game is quite LITERALLY designed around small scale pvp and even fights. 5v5 GvGs, Hellgates, Blue dungeons portals…. City fights are 20v20 not 50v10, you get a warning with castle fights that someone is attacking you AND the attackers have the bonus of guards/doors/castle walls to make it more fair for the defender because TYPICALLY they will be outnumbered because they are reacting to their castle getting attacked.

You will not convince me that this game was not designed around even or small scale fights not who brings more.

Fair enough on the last paragraph, but I feel like black zones are a joke when it comes to PVP right now and will be the reason people cann’t leave albion online gold shop. If you’re defending the black zones as they currently are, it is HIGHLY likely you are IN the zerg and not constantly on the receiving end of death by numbers or running away to safety because the opponent has 10-15 more people than you.

My favorite part of the article though is this:

“1. Zerg Algorithm: We are currently working on an algorithm that can detect who belongs to which side in a big battle. This is because one of the first things enterprising zerg-inclined guilds would do to circumvent anti-zerg measures would be to split up into different, seemingly unconnected guilds. We intend to be smart in spotting them, even if they do not belong together on the surface.”

Where did this go and why would they work on something like that if they wanted the game to play like it currently does? Remember, himself said they don’t want to see 50 guys killing three guys, its the “key cornerstone of our philosophy for Albion Online”.

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