Albion Online: Reputation system

What about merging the reputation system with very high tier guards patrolling whole lower areas with a detection system based on radius from the attacker.

Let’s say a guard has a max visual range of 200m radius.

– If the attacker is going start a battle when the guard is more than 200m, no reputation loss
– If the attacker below 200m and damage a friendly player, guard alert mode on and reputation loss,you will find the best albion online silver store.
– If the attacker below 200m and kill a friendly player (while he’s still alive), higher reputation loss and risk to be chased and arrested (certain amount of time you cannot play)
– Guards might spawn additional guards over time to protect and match zerg playing style type of pvp

This could:
– create more dynamic scenario and strategies
– risk adverse player can go to pvp areas close to guards for max protection while gathering high tier resources, but key areas with rare lot might be in an area not patrolled and therefore an incentive to go
– pvp players can stalk and prey, study the lands, calculating the best approach to avoid detection and kill for loot and no reputation loss
– feels more realistic instead of a static reputation system where no one of the royal army is actually seeing you committing the crime and you still lose reputation.

and as an Albion Online Gold in the concept, guards once they see you, if not attacking they will go to bring the message for your reputation loss to the closest town, if you are brave and strong enough you or your men can catch and kill them before they spread the news in town and mark your reputation (as long as the other guards are not seeing you), opens up a lot of scenarios 🙂

This is obviously something specifically for queens and kings continents.

What do you think?

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