How to gather Albion Online’s resources

I’ve loosely followed this game since day one and FINALLY made the jump!

This is my first and I mean first reaction. I have only played a few hours so some of this might already be in game, I just might not have experienced it. The reason I think its important to put some words down this early is because retention happens in the first few hours, so some of this is what other players might think off the bat and it could have some serious consequences.

Love the aesthetic, always have. Water could use some work heh.

The world needs more random chaos/events/things that pop in with notifications for everyone to see that drive and create conflict even beyond the basic acquisition of resources. Be they PVE mobs or a random chest spawn or a lot of Albion Online Gold (for example a volcano erupted and now X spot has good resources in it for X time). Not to many because they should mean something but enough to where a few places could hot spot with PVP which makes others run to them which makes more PVP along the way. The map looks beautiful but feels dead and the uneventful. This will help create some more game world excitement.

I love gathering resources. Love hauling them too. I wish they depleted for longer time frames but in packed Beta testing that wouldn’t work real well, later on I think its important. A tree falling down should not pop back right away. That means after X time players have to venture out further for wood which will make for more PVP opportunity and even more exciting gathering. Maybe they can add deeper/broader farming in order to get trees and other goods to come back faster? I think AO would seriously benefit from deeper farming. It would bring in another niche of players and (if its stealable in PVP areas-where it would grow better) generate PVP.

Only did a bit of combat so I can’t say much about it so far. Once I get myself built up a bit I plan to hit the PVP hard.

I hope we can skill specialize enough in to form a real to life division of labor later on. That should help with social dependency which will greatly benefit the entire game. The concept of you are what you wear is cool but not as cool as going deep into something and mastering it. I hope that is a possibility, one that is nudged.

UI wise I wish I could scroll back 2 clicks. I feel a hair too close, I get why we shouldn’t be able to see overly far around our character due to running away from PVP but right now it feels a bit claustrophobic to me. I keep instinctively trying to scroll back a bit, its also because I think the game world is beautiful and I want to see a best albion online silver store more of it.

Character creation was my only real complete disappointment. AO scrolls in very well and very close, its unfortunate character creation was so limited. Making a character feel like your own helps people bond and retain.

So there is my literal first impression after 5ish hours played (I think it was 3-5ish). Like I said I know I’m a newb but wanted to get this down before I got further and it changed my view because I wanted to capture the view of a random newb. Looking forward to further testing.

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