Albion Online:Feedbacks of a sandbox fan

First of all,I loved the game. You really did a nice job. As a hardcore sandbox player i would like to report problems (not bugs) I’ve seen in the game in 2 days.

1-) When running in an area, you cannot see yourself if you are under a tree. Well this wouldn’t be much of a problem if you didn’t have to craft a stone under a tree. This problem can easily be solved by making trees semi-transparent when you’re under one.

2-) Let’s say you took a quest, it says you have to craft 3 Journeyman’s Sword or something like that. It would be great to find cheap albion online silver if you could click on item’s name on quest and you could see item’s properties, instead of trying to find it from your inventory or Destiny’s Board.

3-) Crafting is absurdly low-level material based. When you are tier 3, you shouldn’t be chasing tier 2 material and tier 3 material at the same time. I don’t mind grinding lots of tier 3 material but chasing both tier 2 and tier 3 looks absurd.

4-) Crafting requires extreme amount of clicking. I can understand at higher levels you cannot let one man swallow whole resource at one node, but at low levels clicking 5 times for one tiny ore node seems absurd. My suggestion is, don’t change the time require for one ore. If you can pick 3 ore in 2 seconds, and 15 ore in 10 seconds, let it stay same. You click one time and it automatically should pick 3 ore in every 2 seconds. (like in Skyrim mining, every second one ore.)

5-) Make pets a gathering (taming?) profession! Yes, there are a lot of people who want pets. The matter is, in sandbox games you have to be integrated with your character. Your character should be your second self. You can make this with houses, islands, lots of customization aaand pets! I know you have an itch to sell pets with Golds. You can gain money with this but please don’t. It will make this game looks like a cheap Korean f2p theme-park mmorpg.

An alternate solution is making “tame pet” is a profession like smithing. People should have to craft baits. And then tame pets. It could be sold at markets for 100k silvers so beginners would buy them with golds anyway. Win-win for everyone!

6-) I don’t even say about customization. I know it will be added to game eventually like albion online silver. (this can be sold with gold, i don’t mind)

7-) When you hover your cursor over a crafting node, it should say what material it is. When you hover your cursor over something, it should be interactive anyway. This is hard for mobile i understand that. But for pc you have to make interface more complex.

I will definitely add more suggestions.

As i said before, this game has extreme potential. Keep up the good work!

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