Albion Online: Open world pvp contested objectives

Location fixed objective, |base respawn time|then|active respawn window (random spawn between x and x minutes tbd) random window length (min – max window duration) | = spawn event.

location independent objective spawn |base respawn time|then | active respawn window as above ( random spawn location) | = spawn event.

ty for reading and considering my suggestion.

These are present in the current game and will be buy albion online power leveling in future iteration. Examples include the following:

Location Fixed:
– Blue portal dungeons
– Relic lockers
– Castle chests
– Resource nodes (groups of these)

Location Independent:
– Hellgates (which include bosses)
– Resource nodes (new random ones)

What other ones did you have in mind?

I would personally like to see open world bosses in different tier zones. And i am now talking about albion online gold, but on the ground wandering in specific clusters, some could appear with event and some spawning ramdomly. Some easier ones in lower tiers in royals which are more like ment to show this side of the game to new players. But mainly those are ment to be hard boss raids in outland, which also lure groups, guilds and even alliances to get those down. This kind of activity will lead inevitably to open world PvP conflicts. So these bosses caters PvE and PvP aspects at the same time.

It so easy to use Albions lore in this one. There is mentioned giants and dragons for example and i think devs should use those. Giants can be roaming in keepers zones for example. Maybe something triggers the awekening of bad ass dragon from eternal sleep. Just couple fast examples grabbed from backround story.

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