I think would help to make Albion a better game

As all the people gave their opinion, I think I am going to give mine to some changes on Albion Online Gold I think would help to make Albion a better game. I come from Lineage 2, so if someone come from it they will find it “familiar”.

#1 Create some random drop on some monsters. Dont misslead me, I dont want to see how a wolf or a bear is dropping weapons, armors or silver, I would find that stupid. Include these “surprise” drops at Morgana fellows, skeletons, etc. Give them a very low chance, for example 0.1 – 1% and give them some use in the game. Prevent the players to craft these items until they are some tiers above the monsters that drop them. Include for example gold drop (some coins, 3-4, with chance of 0.1%)

#2 Instead of crafting 20 times a tier X to reach the ability of crafting tier X+1, introduce the recipes. To craft an item you must to learn the recipe. To learn the recipe you have to (1) be able of manage that weapon tier with Cheap Albion Online Gold, or (2) be able to obtain all the resources to craft it by yourself. If you dont like to hunt monsters, you will craft through (2). If you dont like to search resources and mats, you will do it through (1). The fame in crafting would be to craft better items (will give a little bit better stats). Finally, to obtain the recipe you must to kill some raidboss with a low/very low chance to drop it (5~20%).

#3 Change ratios for craft mats. For example I need 1 branch to craft 1 table. I find it would be better for the economy a ratio 3/1 o 5/1 instead 1/1 (and they return you some resources!!).

#4 Introduce more levels in the weapons. I dont know if the dificult is okey to Buy Albion Online Gold, but you can introduce more levels between the existents without change it. More rewards will do the people to stay more time in the server.

The only point of view I know is mine, so I would like to read what thinks the community.Finally, sorry about my english

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