Albion Online Skills Guides

If you hold for example the .1 bow, do you know how to shoot a proper arrow, or aimed shot as a Q skill?

Yes, because your char is trained enough! If you unequip, you still know how to use it, but you cant since you dont have the weapon in your hand.

If you think like this, the way Substanzd explained new skills on higher powerlevels by knowledge of the char, not by skill of the crafter/item.

Same goes for the unique skills, for Cheap Albion Online Silver, you know how to use an aimed shot on every Bow, its a basic skill. But to use the increased attack skill E ability on the .1 Skill, you actually need knowledge AND a Weapon designed for thi kind of ability, since fireing fast with a longbow, that is designed for long range sieges (rain of arrows) is something that would work properly. I guess that could be the reasoing why the E ability is unique on each weapon, since it requires knowledge AND a specific item, while the Q and W abilities are more like Basic stuff you can pull of with weapons that are close enough.

If you stick to this kind of mindset, i think the new artefact weapons will have the same Q and W skills as the normal versions, but a unique E ability that suits their faction/properties.

Also, if we have learned 1 thing from this Beta, skills may come and go, the focus should be on the world and the overall gameplay.

Enchant system should only make items equally powerful with higher tier ones. New abilities should be opened with tier levels. I dont want to see all abilities unlocked with T5 either. In ideal situation we should get new ability opened in every tier level (it can also be passive one). It does not have to be allways better one, just to give more variations. Now this makes leveling with tiers more meaningfull and prevents players to skip over whole tier levels. What i meen is, that if you get gear 4.1 / 4.2 / 4.3 quite easily and you dont get anything more with new tier levels, you can just skip T5 and T6 items and powerlevel through those.

Most important thing is that you get one more ability with albion online silver farming. Now in beta2 you can make T7 gear pieces from materials from King’s and Queen’ islands. So with max enchants (7.3) will be quite powerfull, but if T8 opens one more very usable ability, it courages people more to travel to Outlands get T8 materials.

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