Albion Online Resource Interaction

With the new destiny board changes this no longer holds truth. Now former .2/.3 items are all be crafted the same way as .1 items. U use the .x recources to enchant those items. How does that exactly work? I have no idea. My guess is that u craft the base item. 4.1 longbow for example and then enchant it with the .2/.3/.4 recources.

The devs will make a video about this system, u should wait for that.

Edit: Too elaborate further, the devs stated in the news post that once u reach tier 4, u ll unlock all important weapons of the branch to Buy Albion Online Silver. That means if i leveld bow till t4, i ll be unlocking t4 bow/warbow/longbow at the same time. This implies powerlevel equiality! Note that this is very important, since generally speaking this is a huge buff to .1 and a nerf too .2/.3 . One can only start and theorycraft now possible .1 burst builds or alike. I am fucking hyped!!!

“Items can be crafted on four enchantment levels: neutral, one, two and three. In order to craft an enchanted item, a crafter will need the enchanted versions of the material they would normally use.


Enchanted items will be significantly stronger, as each enchantment level equals one additional tier AO Silver. For example: A level one enchanted Tier 4 Sword is as strong as non-enchanted Tier 5 Sword.

You can read more about the new Item System here (coming soon).

Unlike before, it will be easier to unlock the exact item you want and start specializing. All sub-categories of a core item are unlocked upon reaching Tier 4 and will all be equally powerful. ”

So axe, greataxe and scythe are now equal powered for example and all have own branch in tree now.

Every gear piece can be now:
T5 (which is T5.0)
T5.1 (equal to 6.0)
T5.2 (equal to 6.1 and 7.0)
T5.3 (equal to 6.2 , 7.1 and 8.0)
No more .4 , .5 and .6. This is almost like the old system, but much much better way implemented.

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